There is a ‘statement’… but really it’s a judgement and projection but it’s often dressed up as a question that I hear all too often is …
‘You’ve Changed’
My Question in return is …
“Why haven’t you?”
We are not built to be the same … we are a biological organism that was created to evolve.
Evolution is the process of change … change being opposite of the same!
Every cell in your body is sentient .. it holds consciousness!
That consciousness is directing each cell in Your BEing to constantly be in a state of metamorphosis … when you resist that Inner Change that naturally wants to transform, you begin a battle with the very Cells that keep your body Alive, Well and in alignment.
The longer this Inner battle goes on the more and more your cells will begin to create Dis-Ease within your body that you experience as pain. This pain is to help You become aware of the damage that is being created by your resistance.
Pointing out that someone else has changed … is merely your Inner BEing highlighting to YOU that you have not! … so you may also choose to allow the changes to take place and allow your body to begin bringing itself back into alignment.
The question that should be asked and should be directed at the Self and NOT other is ‘why haven’t I changed?’
The answers you receive will allow the door the transformation to Open for you … but YOU have to choose to walk inside.
What you believe will happen when you walk through this Door is not real … it’s is an illusion you have created to justify the fear that consumes you.
What you will actually get from walking through this Door is FREEDOM & LOVE.
Love & Light 👽

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