The one thing we all do that hinders rather than helps …
We all have all been guilty of this thing … and through no fault of our own … we didn’t know any better because were not told it could be any other way …
What is this one thing?
Trying too hard.
Have you noticed that when you try too hard … at anything … it never really goes to plan! Whether it is work related, relationship related or life in general … when we try too hard we create unnecessary resistance to natural flow of things.
The reasons we try too hard vary on the surface level and yet all boil down to one thing … fear.
When we fear we won’t get something … we work even harder to get that thing … without being aware that we are now operating from the fear rather than the desire … and when we operate from this place of fear we are calling all things to us that match the frequency of fear …
so if we are trying too hard because we fear we can’t get it … the broadcast we are sending out into the field is that of fear ….
Even if our intentions are good … the fear holds more weight than your intentions and ultimately becomes your point of manifestation.
Many of us try too hard on this spiritual journey we are each embarking on … we want to become the best spiritual being and become a guru that teaches others, we want to be of service and be the best service out there … and we try so hard to make that happen that it actually never comes into fruition … and then we can easily judge ourselves and deem ourselves unworthy because nothing we want is manifesting for us.
The truth is you cannot force yourself into Higher Consciousness … you get there through alignment.
And you cannot maintain the frequency of Higher Consciousness when you are aligning to fear or debasing the self, deciding you are unworthy or another is unworthy.
Higher consciousness is a level of vibration, known as the Christ Mind and it can only be reached and maintained when you are in alignment with the higher truths held in this field. And fear does not exist in the frequency of higher consciousness.
A flower does not try to be a flower … it just is a flower. The flower does not try to bloom … it blooms when it is ready and not a moment before, there is no questioning or second guessing its beingness … it is what it is and allows its own nature to unfold in its own perfect ways.
When you are trying to force yourself to be something you are not … or trying too hard to change something you don’t like … you use the force of your will to do so … and the thing is, this rarely works because of the beliefs that are held within that are motivating your thoughts, feelings and actions.
We have been conditioned to ‘try hard’ or to not try at all … and there are common phrases we all use to support this collective belief – ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ ‘the harder you work the more you have’ ‘hard work beats talent’
All of these statements and the many more available to us all support this conditioning that we must try our hardest if we are to achieve any real potential in this world.
This is not to say that we don’t take action…because we do. Yet how we take action and where that action is being motivated from is what will determine the outcome. Aligned action does not involve trying too hard, it just flows in increments … one step is given after the other.
I’ve been running my coaching business for 5 years … I’ve paid £15k+ learning how to run a business and Much has been valuable yet the fruits of my labor have not produced what I was promised and I’m glad for it.
This past year or so I stopped trying so hard and doing all the things I was taught to do and my life has improved so much for it.
The things I thought I wanted or I was told by the gurus to want … no longer appeal … and I’ve moved away from trying too hard into a place of Aligned action … which sometimes means taking no action and other times taking continuous action.
That is what we are all moving towards … away from the collective prescriptions of what a life should like … and into a place of Beingness … where your intuitive senses are leading and directing you towards your highest path and purpose.
When I stopped trying so hard things that no longer served me fell away and new opportunities that were in alignment began making themselves known to me … some things I would never of expected to be doing
my whole experience of life shifted … the days are no longer filled with fear or long lists of the things I should be doing … but instead each day is started with a clean slate and guidance & knowing comes in the moment it is needed and not a second before.
Where are you trying too hard in life? Why are you trying so hard? What do you fear getting or not getting? How much of your time does this trying so hard take up? Are you ready to let go of trying and start allowing things to unfold in their own way?
Start with just one thing and practice NOT trying so hard … it will feel uncomfortable as you go against the grain of your conditioning … but trust that this uncomfortableness is a sign that you are unmasking this aspect of yourself, the uncomfortableness does not last for long … you just have to persevere through it until it releases.
Move into BEING and aligned action and away from trying too hard in any area of your life
Always in love & light Star BEings

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