Each week I channel through Collective energies and messages that will assist us all in our awakening. The messages shared through my email channel is usually just for those who have chosen to be part of the MindHive sacred space and subscribed … but I’ve been prompted to share todays message with the collective …
The collective energies this week are in a transitional stage … shifting from one state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness.
Your inner work is paying off … even though at times you feel that you aren’t making any progress or that you’re digressing in some way … this is part of the process. I see this in every client I work with … I experienced it myself … that feeling that nothing is changing is part of the shift from one state of consciousness into another.
Our egoic nature … whilst still in the ‘being tamed’ part of the journey … is the part that fears … you’re task as an awake, aware and aligning BEing … is to ‘train’ those parts of yourself that hold fear into a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving.
I’ve shared before in previous messages that creating a visual that you can work with in a loving way is a powerful way to first tame your ego and then train your shadow into a Higher Way of being and expressing.
Uncomfortableness is part of the awakening experience … the quicker you can accept that this work is and will be uncomfortable for a period of time …. The quicker you can step over the fear of it being uncomfortable … acceptance is key.
When you accept this part of the process … your fears will fade away and you will soon experience that your fears were an illusion and it is never as bad as we first think or fear things will be. I’m getting a strong pull towards the phrase ‘ tying up loose ends’ … and I’ve been on a mission this past week to do exactly that.
With the collective experiencing a transitional phrase – the in-between … limbo feeling – we can assist the shift into the next octave available to us by ‘tying up loose ends’ in our own realities & everyday lives.
What did you start last year and not finish?
what has been put to the side and remained there? What courses, books, studies, projects etc. …. Did you begin with great intentions and high energy … and then your everyday life slowly took over once more?
… and there is nothing wrong with this happening, again its part of the process … how can we learn to get back up … get back on the wagon … if we never fall down … fall off?
A new cycle struggles to begin when there are many tethers to the old still there … now some of the things from the old cycle will be coming with you into the new cycle … but not all of it. It is up to you to discern what stays and what goes … but with so many loose ends hanging about its hard to see what is what.
Last week the Collective Consciousness was pushing us towards the spiritual spring clean … this week we continue the spiritual spring clean just towards our affairs this time.
Even though the thought of finding and gathering the loose ends we’ve left all over the place can feel overwhelming … the sense of clarity you receive from doing this far outweighs the effort you think it will take.
As we gather our loose ends … we collect our thoughts and bring our vision for the goals we are working towards to mind … we can now tap into our intuition and decide in partnership with Higher Consciousness what is in alignment to this now moment and what requires your attention first.
I always use this method when I have a list of ‘To do’s’ and I’m struggling to find (or procrastinating) which is higher priority …
so rather than struggle or procrastinate I tune into my higher consciousness and I simply ask –
I love to use my pendulum for this … I have a strong connection with my pendulum as I use it for my Soul Session readings and for important decision making, a strong bond has been made over the years.
You don’t need anything to be able to tune in and ask … you just need to trust that which comes to you … although the human in us likes to have something tangible to know its experience is real and crystals and pendulums are not only tangible but pretty so I’m on board with the appeasing.
Once you have your list of loose ends … to get them in an hierarchy of importance simple ask yourself … a pendulum … or any spiritual tool you want to assist you the following question for each item on your list
“is this (name item) in accordance with my highest path & highest purpose?
You should get a yes or no answer (if you’re using a pendulum you will need to determine what way is your yes or no)
Remove the items from your list that came back as a NO
Now we have a list that is in alignment with your highest path & highest purpose (even if you yourself are unaware of your highest path & purpose trust your higher consciousness does)
Now ask the following question to each item on your new aligned list
“is this (name item) of most importance?” – if yes mark with a 1st if no move onto the next item.
Then you repeat for 2nd importance, third importance etc. until you have your hierarchy of priority To Do’s which are in alignment with your highest path & highest purpose.
You can use this technique on a weekly basis to help you stay in alignment. It will get to the point when this type of questioning will no longer be required, as you would have programmed this behavior into your Beingness and it becomes habitual …. A habit that helps you grow and expand into higher consciousness.
This way of working has helped me create strong connections to all aspects of my Self … it takes time and commitment to forge a strong bond with Higher consciousness … and it will be the most freeing and powerful thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime.
Make a list … tune into your higher consciousness and see where it guides you … and then take ACTION … a strong bond with higher consciousness is dependent on your ability to take aligned action … it’s how we anchor higher Light into our BEing and everyday lives.
Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you over in Science Spirit Soul School on Wednesday for Full Moon Oracles
In Love & Light
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