Your feelings faithfully follow your beliefs … what you believe to be true will be felt by You so you can experience the validity of your thoughts …
the systems and structures of your Being are neutral … they operate outside of duality ~ bad or good … positive or negative. They operate with what they are given …. much like a computer given code to run a program… your vehicle for expression (mind and body) are no different to this concept.
The fear of your own emotions does far more damage than their expression because the apprehension builds up a charge that intensifies the energy behind the emotion being held back.
We have each been born into a World that is infested with fear … this fear has plagued our species for so long that we have just accepted this is how life is … the fear became our Master and we descended in consciousness because of it. Again … this is through no one person’s fault …. But rather through a collective choice to give our power away. The Great Awakening is now correcting this collective blunder … as each one of us awakens … we give permission to a 1000 more to awaken and so on and so on.
Your feelings … even the fear you feel … can be used to your advantage … by accepting the validity of your feelings as just feelings and NOT to obstruct them but follow them & their flow with the understanding they are only feelings about reality …. And not reality itself.
Emotions are simply reactions to beliefs … and beliefs are simply ideas you hold about yourself and your reality.
Emotions require validity in order to flow through you … yet by the very denial of how you feel you prevent the natural flow of your emotions … causing them to remain stagnant until seen and validated by your conscious awareness.
The best way to validate your emotions without becoming them is to give them a voice or they will create a downpour of pressure that you cannot ignore. They want to be seen, heard and expressed … which can happen in a moment or be prolonged over an unbearable amount of time.
Next time you have a low feeling become aware of it by naming it – “I feel……….” And at the same time KNOW the feeling is not a statement of fact but a statement of emotion. This is a different kind of validity … one that isn’t acted out but rather seen and engaged with on the inner planes of reality. Now ask “why do I feel……?”
If you never validate the feelings you have – to validate means to become aware of them – if you pretend to feel something that you don’t, you will never be led to question the beliefs behind the emotions you feel.
You are at the mercy of your emotions ONLY when you fear them. And we now know that we were each born into a field of fear (the Earth School) … we fear them because we have known no other way… So, it is safe to presume that the fear we feel at acknowledging & engaging with our emotions is not OUR fear but a fear that has been prescribed for us.
Aligning to this idea (because all things are only ideas manifested in different forms) makes the passage of stepping through the fear much easier … how do you know if you truly fear what you fear or you’re just in fear because that is where you have been told to be?
Emotions are the MOTION of your Being … they go hand in hand with Mind. Your emotions are the sea of energy that surrounds the center of your Being … like a small island surrounded by sea … you ‘must’ swim through the sea of your emotion in order to reach the abundant core of your BEing.
We will continue our journey tomorrow … where we will delve deeper into depths of your Being and how beliefs are creating your reality
Always in love & light Star BEings
*Artwork created by Me

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