Humans are complex Beings … within us is housed an entire World of systems and structures. These systems and structures are not visible with our human eyes … when we look upon another or the self, we see a human, nothing more or nothing less. There is no desire or drive to look any deeper … because I know what I am, a human, just like everybody else I see.
And we begin our lives learning the ways of the human world … learning to walk and talk in this body we seem to operating … our first three years of life are primarily the years we learn to use our body … once we have it figured out, we are thrust out into this world where there are other humans all learning the ways of the human world. And together we figure it out, learning from each other by watching and mimicking what we see … we don’t question this … why would we? Why would we question what everyone else around us is doing … we just accept it and become it!
Yet, what is going on within our bodies is an entirely different matter … these beginning years of our lives are the years that the body is being prepared to House the BEing that is You. And there is an entire universe of cells all talking to each other in order to keep the vessel that houses you operating.
What we see when we look at other humans and indeed ourselves in the mirror, is the casing in which this Universe of cells has created in order to function within a physical world of Matter. Magnificent, isn’t it?
So why is transformation so uncomfortable? And I nearly used the term ‘hard’ but transformation is not hard … what is hard is being OK with feeling uncomfortable. Once you’re OK with this feeling of uncomfortableness, transformation is just another process that is habitual.
This Universe of cells held with you… which are all intelligent in their own way … have constructed systems that uphold structures that make you who you are. Because of the early years of modelling – watching and copying what we see others do – these cells have created programs that run on automatic – because they have been repeated so many times … and the cells within you are intelligent and learn in the very nature as we do as a child – once something is automatic the cells revert energy from that program and send it to other systems that require more attention to operate. WE ARE HABITUAL BY DESIGN.
Habitual behavior is defined as ‘doing something constantly or regularly’
When something is new … the cells and their networks have to work much harder in order to establish a ‘route’ to take that is the easiest and quicker way to the desired outcome – for example a toddler learning to walk … it takes days for some and weeks for other … they fall down regularly and we expect them to … each fall is the result of the cells not quite reaching the desired destination … just falling short of the mark … a bit like your pen running out of ink half way through a word.
Yet, despite the fall the toddler has the will get back up solely focused on remaining balance, coordinated – ‘that foot goes there … this thing at the end of my arm goes here …. oooppps…. Nearly fell again … balance … lift … balance …. Lift’. And the way in which in a baby masters the movements happens’ with each attempt taken … they become smoother … more confident … this is the result of the cells and their networks all talking to each other to achieve synchronicity … perfect balance.
The first week of walking still takes some effort … they still fall … bump into things but they just get back up, until eventually walking becomes natural and the awareness once required to walk is no longer required …. The pathway the cells have created are in now constant flow … a circuit that is in constant flow can be left to operate without any further assistance – energy being directed to it.
So, our habitual nature is divinely designed so we may operate in a world of matter … the problem is, We as a Collective, have not been made aware of many things that make the world go round – the inner and outer worlds – we have lived in ignorance – lack of knowledge – for too long that our habitual behaviors have been hijacked by forces outside of ourselves. And we must forgive ourselves & others for this misstep.
Transformation is so uncomfortable because of our habitual nature. And because of the hijacking that has occurred within our sphere of reality.
But rather than talk to you about the habitual behaviors that are causing your uncomfortableness … because you already know what they are … I’m going to speak to you about this uncomfortableness from inner worlds point of view … the systems and structures that make you who you are …. And the true reason transformation is uncomfortable … and we need only discuss two subjects –
To resonate means to vibrate.
We are energy held in form … meaning we vibrate … our cells oscillate at such a speed they actually begin to hold solid form … this is an important fact for the part coming up … we are vibratory beings …. Held in form by the speed in which our cells vibrate (there’s far more to it than this but we’re aiming for simplicity for ease of understanding) – you’ve seen something vibrating – it moves forwards and backwards very quickly to the point that your eyes struggle to see the gaps between the movements … they blur into one solid movement. This is what is occurring at the atomic level of everything in existence. This is what is happening with each cell in your body. We vibrate and that vibration is what holds energy in form – known as Matter.
All environments hold these same structures… energy (cells & atoms) that is held in form through vibration. Environments include inanimate objects, the natural world and people – which are all energy that are vibrating at a specific speed and different frequencies.
Speed of vibration determines the structure of ‘things’ – the plant kingdom vibrates or resonates at a specific speed / animals hold their own field of resonance, as do humans and all other things. And within these grouped fields of resonance lies all the inner workings of that grouping, which all hold its own vibration and frequency – for example humans experience thoughts and feelings, which each individual thought and feeling holds its own vibration and frequency … which humans then embody and express – they
make them manifest through their physical actions, which again all choices and actions taken holds its own vibration and frequency.
These vibrations are then sent out into the world around them… interacting with all others things in its vicinity and beyond. The pebble thrown in water sends out a repeating ripple effect and moves all other parts of the water … until the force that created the first impact that caused the ripple – the pebble – dissipates. We do the same thing … just through a different medium than that of the pebble and the water.
It is far more complex than this simple view … but complexity can only be built on top simplicity … we must have some understanding in order to be able to pull something apart and understand it more deeply. And through a simple understanding we move into a more complex understanding, which leads us back into simplicity, as it becomes Knowing.
If anything has its own vibration … can you comprehend how many different fields of vibration you move through in each moment – this is why transformation is so uncomfortable … because as we lift ourselves through the different levels of consciousness – each level of consciousness has its own version of the level of experience that came before … similar experiences that must be seen and embodied in a new way according to the new level of consciousness you are entraining too – we must move through multiple levels of resonance not just within our own being but with the world around us.
… and this is why so few achieve a level of ‘entrainment’ to a higher octave … they remain sync’d to the lower octave in which they have always resided because they do not know what is occurring on the energetic level that governs this whole construct, which we are each being housed within. They believe it to be fearful because the small-self still governs the resonance field they are transitioning from – a fearful drowning man will always pull another in to save themselves through instinctual survival behavior.
Entrainment is defined as ‘the process of making something have the same pattern or rhythm as something else’.
So, not only do we have to train our inner beings and bring each part into alignment or resonance … we then have to entrain this new self we have created and match this to the external energetic forces that we are in constant contact with – the world around us.
We have to match the internal vibrations to the external vibrations. And if we are unable to do this … the internal vibrations will once again become entrained -match- the old self and old ways of being … because there has to be resonance between the internal and external … and if there isn’t resonance found between these two worlds – the inner and outer worlds … a whole lot of ‘shit’ will be drawn to you … so to move you into a field of resonance because this what habitual behavior is designed for, for ease of living … for self-sufficient experiencing it cares not whether that experience is good or bad – it is a neutral system encoded into the divine design.
This is not to take away your free will, it is just the natural order of things … the structures of creation cannot be changed because humans don’t like feeling uncomfortable … nature doesn’t resist the changes … she prepares for the changes she knows are coming when the seasons transform again and again … animals do not resist the call to warmer climates or into a deep winters sleep when these periods of transformation are thrust upon them … The rest of the World’s works in harmony with the laws of creation and the vessels we each house are designed to go with this same flow. We have just lost this instinctual habit to go with the flow… due to so much fear being held by the Collective Consciousness.
Resonance is a mechanism that support us in harmonizing with the natural flow of the world that houses us, only when we KNOW what is truly going on …. When we are ignorant – lack of knowledge – to inner working of the Worlds, resonance becomes a self-imposed prison because we fear anything outside of our own field of resonance … we fear that which does not vibrate to our own vibration and frequency … that which sings a different song.
This is why transformation is so uncomfortable … and why most choose to remain where they are … although this process of resonance happens as a natural occurrence anyways … we naturally move through different fields of resonance as we age and grow – we go to different schools depending on our age … our friendship circles change … our jobs changes … we move homes … we have new partners …we have children etc. …
All of these ‘things’ are a natural part of human life and we expect them to happen at some point or other… and when they do our fields of resonance change, as we ourselves change …
the difference with transformation and ascension is that we are no longer at the mercy of these changes happening naturally – the natural progression through school, the natural shift from dependent to independence – what we do when we are Awake, Aware & Aligning is we purposely initiate these changes … we don’t wait for the ‘seasons to change’ so to speak, we use our focused Will and Intent to bring about changes within us … which will affect the World around us and this change often looks like leaving a relationship that has served it’s purpose… leaving a job that drains you… moving to new a place because something within you is guiding you … and the likelihood is that these changes would of occurred naturally over time … yet, when we walk the Ascension Spiral we do not wait for things to occur … we initiate these changes within us so we can become part of the flow of creation.
How do we do this?
… I have trained myself into each new way of Being
Training is defined as ‘the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior’.
Training takes time … it takes commitment and motivation … even when you have nothing left in the tank.
Through my on-going process of training myself into new habits … into news of thinking, feeling and acting … over an extended period of time – not a quick fix, but a journey I have been walking for almost 18 years … slowly and surely, I began changing … at the personality level … my likes and dislikes shifted, the words I began using were different from before … I no longer woke up hating myself or the world … I felt like I was a completely different person … because I was. My field of resonance has shifted so much over my lifetime thus far, especially the last 4 years. And it is all down the consistent effort and willpower to train the parts of me that were hindering me … holding me back … stopping me from experiencing anything outside of what I had previously known … no matter how uncomfortable it got. And eventually – cos it can feel way longer than it actually is – the uncomfortableness was no longer there … it just feels normal having this deep and personal relationship with myself.
Training requires us to repeatedly move through the layers of distortion … to heal that same wound again and again … and each time it ‘bleeds’ it bleeds a little less.
Just like a wound that heals on our physical bodies … it doesn’t happen over night … the wound bleeds … the body creates a barrier to contain the bleeding and it begins repairing itself cell by cell, whilst controlling the bleed because it is required for the healing.
Our mental & emotional wounds heal no different than our physical wounds … we just don’t see them in quite the same way … we feel them … and then see that feeling being expressed through our actions. We must understand this fundamental mechanism to healing if we are wanting to move through the process of ascension.
This understanding allows us to recognize the ‘bleeding’ – the projecting our wounds onto to those around us – for what it truly is… The release of the infection that is causing the wound. Now we know this … each time we ‘bleed’ we can stop projecting and starting reflecting. The projection is your portal into your inner workings.
We train ourselves into new states of Being through this process … meaning we repeatedly have to experience the same or similar triggers in order to work within the structure of that trigger … the things that make you triggered – the beliefs and values you hold. And it is an on-going process … with each new you that is birthed … a new layer of wounds will surface -some are yours, some are generational, some are ancestral and some are collective – … so you may repeat the process and embed the new way in … by healing in a systematic way that works with the systems and structures that are creating all that you are … and repeating again and again this process … until the new is in and the old is out.
It gets easier … because you get used to doing it … it becomes habitual … it becomes part of your everyday life … when something is habitual there is no effort or conscious thinking required … you just do it. Ascension becomes like this. You get use to ebbs and flows of creation … the different pathways that are in constant motion opening and closing their gateways to you …living in the Now moment is where you access this flow.
As you do this training yourself again and again … you are entraining to the new, lifting from old into the new and a new vibrations is reached … as you reach new vibrational fields your own vibration becomes attuned to the new vibration … and this is what causes your discomfort … the change in vibration – speed – frequency within your own beingness.
Whatever other reason you have identified this uncomfortableness with – I’m not worthy – I’m not ready – I don’t know enough and all the other statements you have hidden in your back pocket … are simply your small-self giving you reasons as to why you should remain where you are … because the small-self fears … the true self – the divine self – Knows and in knowing there is no fear.
Transformation is uncomfortable because as you ascend into higher fields of consciousness … you … all of you – mind, body & emotions will be lifted through different fields of vibrations, frequency and energy … and we feel this in all these parts of the self – the mind, the body and the emotions. Awareness to the deeper reality … the higher truth of existence allows us to let go and surrender to the process without becoming consumed by it.
Knowledge is what will set you free … but who said setting yourself free would be a pain-less process???

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