Each of us desire to know why we are here … and we have come to believe that why we are here is all to do with our careers … we allow what we do define what we are.
This is a stumbling block that I have come up against again and again … I’ve been told by the collective what I should be … what my work should look like … and how it should be presented to the World.
I have done all that I was told to do … yet, it has never truly felt in alignment. I have taken some much-needed time away from all the should in my life … what my business should like … what I should present as … what I should and shouldn’t be sharing … this is no easy feat.
In a World where we are conditioned to think, feel and act in accordance with a hierarchy … our true purpose of BEING here on this Earthly plane has been lost. We have become so accustomed to monetary gain … materialistic living … and looking outward to tell us who we are … that when the time comes to realize that these things do not define us … we can struggle to let go of the culture we have been born into.
I’ve stepped away from my should’s in life … I’ve been moving through uncomfortableness as I’ve gone against the grain of my creaturehood … to let go of the old and allow the new to be born … which is still unknown to me … yet I trust that it is there … already manifesting for me.
This is not to say that our spiritual practices cannot become our livelihood … but this is not the true purpose as to why we are here … despite what we have been told.
I’ve come to know … as I’ve let go of the should’s and the conditioning attached to each should that I have held that we are each here for a higher purpose than career … this higher purpose is about BEing rather than doing.
Each persons’ higher purpose on this plane is to align to their divine nature. To meet the Christ Consciousness within and then to demonstrate the Christ consciousness in all of your encounters and in all ways that you attend to your reality.
This is the true purpose for each and every one one of us here at this time … when each individual can express as the Christ’d One … and move through their third dimensional realities while holding and maintaining the vibration of Christ Consciousness … a whole collective will be transformed and lifted above where it currently resides. As each new generation is born into this higher vibration a new state of consciousness will be anchored onto this plane of reality.
I’ve put much of my energy and awareness on building my business as the expression of my spirituality … when in fact what I’ve come to know is that when I bring Christ Consciousness into every encounter I move through … my whole life lifts … including my business.
I know many of us are here to assist the Collective in reaching this higher vibration … yet I see so many of us also putting our energy towards a false ideology of what it means to be spiritual and what that should like in the world.
As I’ve focused on myself and allowing the divine to BECOME me … I’ve noticed a new wave of alignment moving through me … things have become effortless … there is no effort in what I am called to do … there is just a state of peace … of knowing and of a deep faith in the Source of all things. This could not have been possible to reach if I did not let go of the should’s in my life.
It can appear scary to STOP pushing so hard for what you want … yet in doing this action, even if just for a short while allows the energy of the old to release and a wave of new energy to move in. Trust that you will be met and supported is a requirement.
So, I end this message with a simple question for you to ponder … what should’s are you running with in life? Where are you putting so much energy and coming up short?
Now ask yourself ‘Why am I choosing this? Why do I want this?
Knowing why you do what you do … and where these why’s come from is a path that leads to choice … when you are in choice you are truly free.
… now you have some deeper stuff to ponder and work with. Any feeling of fear that surface with these questions is an indication that this is where the should’s in your life are … and all should’s are generated from fear. Let go of the should’s and the fear will also fall away.
Do this always with kindness and a loving tenderness towards the Self.
In Love & Light Star BEings

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