Along with these emotional lesson have you learnt to run on programs of being controlled, controlling others, to always give into others, have trouble standing up for yourself, have difficulties with self-love, and by extension loving relationships with others, becoming stuck and stagnated in life, constantly ungrounded and misplaced?


These are Generational Conditioned programs we have each received during our life time! Our parents, their parents, their parents and so on … each generation passing on programs they are completely unaware of to the next generation to follow. This how they become Collective Conditioning.


Fortunately for us we are now in the Age of Technology … but not technology in the way you think of it. Technology of the modern is all the gadgets, latest phones, hybrid cars, drones … these are physical gadgets! From my perspective the Age of Technology is The Age of Knowledge! Never before in our history has knowledge been so readily available & accessible. Without knowledge none of the physical gadgets we are used to would be possible!  It is the knowledge that allows newer and better physical technology to emerge. We have jumped 100 years ahead of where we should technological wise! This is because the collective conditioning is beginning to crumble and fall away, the more question the more our Conscious minds expand and the more Truth we can bring in!


Not all want to spend years researching the ‘How To’s, – that where Us nerds of the New Age come in … I’ve spent my life seeking the answers to the questions I held inside … the more I found the more control I began having over my Being … my mind, emotions and body! I began rewriting the programs and the cellular level and changes began happening, not just in my mind but my body, both physical and emotional!


I have a deep unquenchable thirst for the seeking and finding of hidden truths and knowledge and I love nothing more than passing this knowledge on to others who are ready to break out of old, outdated programs and create a new way of Being, Doing & Having. Not just for themselves but for the ones that follow.


We each have gifts to bring to this World … this is my gift! And I wish to share it with you!


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