What a weird fucking week it’s been …

I’m not going to lie … energies have been flying chaotically around this week … and even the most adept at controlling their energy fields have felt the pressure building within the Collective … like a pressure cooking about to explode … but actually the pressure we are each feeling on an individual level is required to propel us into the next level of consciousness available to us.

I had a day where I just surrendered to the energy … I allowed a low heavy mood to move through me … because it is never about denying how we feel … it is about allowing how we feel … even if we don’t like that which we are feeling … it is our denial of it that holds it in place for longer than is required.

There is a misconception that being “spiritual” … and I quote ‘spiritual’ because everything is spiritual from the levels of Higher Consciousness … there is no need to label something when the very label you are placing on it limits the very nature of that thing … By saying something is spiritual you are also saying on a frequency level that there are others things which are not – either everything is of the divine or nothing is.

So, back to the misconception after my little rant! … there is a collective misconception that to be Spiritual means one can never have lows thoughts, feelings or actions … that to be spiritual means to show up as perfect in some way shape or form …. And while there is no perfection in the World of Matter – it is chaos being formed into order through thought waves – however … in our true state we are Perfect … each and every one of us … how could we be anything but perfect when we are an aspect of the Divine.

We have come here to learn … and there really isn’t much, if anything that can be learnt from and through perfection … when the painting is done you Stop … you have nothing more to add to it … anymore added would move it back into chaos and incompletion.

We are no different … we know as Souls we are embarking on a journey of expansion with Our Creator & that our growth comes through our imperfections – or what we perceive as imperfect – because that is where the most understanding and growth is held for us.

So, as Souls we call to us our experiences that hold these lessons for our growth and expansion … so that we may move back into our perfected state whilst in physical form – which doesn’t mean we are perfect … it means we see everything as the Divine … which is perfect in all the states and forms it chooses to take and learn through.

Moving into a perfected state is more about becoming detached from the notion of imperfect/perfect … good/bad … love/hate … and it is about coming into a state of oneness … where all is regarded as the same regardless of form.

Denial of that which we are experiencing is denial of who and what we are. Denial is rooted in fear … and fear is what tethers us to a frequency that is being culled from our known reality.

This doesn’t mean that we get to be angry or be anxious … as the being or becoming of these things is what is held in low tone or low frequency …. Be or becoming means to project that which we are feeling onto others … and allowing the feelings to overshadow everything else. We become angry … we become anxious.

What it does mean is that we acknowledge and recognize that we are feeling angry … feeling frustrated … feeling anxious … feeling nervous … feeling scared … we SEE it within us … we Speak it to acknowledge it -I’m feeling angry/sad/overwhelmed … we become aware of how we are thinking and behaving …. And we begin a dialog with these parts expressing themselves … they have come to teach us … but they can only teach when the student is ready to learn. Ready to take accountability and ownership of the SELF.

We can distract ourselves with beneficial activities that will allow the emotional charge to flow through you and out of you … and then once you are less charged you can address the real issue and not react to the emotional charge you felt.

We can only really begin working at this higher level of consciousness when we allow ourselves to think what we think … feel what we feel and become aware of what those things influence us to do …

without judgement … projection … or attachment … and it is challenging to stand in front of oneself and take ownership of it all … the good, the bad, the ugly …. Yet, through this very act you step out of victimhood and into a higher state of BEING … where what once consumed you … only now grabs your attention for mere moments in comparison to the grip it had on your before.

How can you learn to tame the beast if the beast is never allowed out to BE TAMED?

your denial of these low vibes … because you think or were told it is not spiritual to BE these things … is what keeps your beast untamable … your fear of it is what holds you in fear. The action of fear is to create to more fear.

Your learning does not come from projecting that which you do not want to see or experience outside of yourself … it comes through allowing that aspect to be expressed in a conducive way … in tandem with the higher self … higher consciousness … higher mind.

It is important to KNOW that the lower mind – NOT lesser than but conditioned, the lower mind is the conditioned mind – when it is being taught a higher way to express itself … it will learn through kicking and screaming … much like how teenagers experience and feel towards their lasts years in school … when adulthood is so close but still so far away. This is much like your lower mind … it wants to have it … but it doesn’t want to have to change to get it.

So, we all experience that ‘ throwing your toys out of the pram’ when we are transitioning from one state of consciousness into a higher one … KNOWING this allows you to allow the experience to unfold in ways that will be an opportunity for you to grow and expand through … yet the fear you hold more tightly has to be let go of in order for this higher KNOWING to come through you.

Be in your expression in honesty … and learn to master how you express how you feel in a way that is productive yet malleable … tamable!

Denial of IT … whatever it is for you … is what holds you in that very thing … and the more you attempt to deny it … the more ‘tantrum like behavior’ we start expressing … these feelings want to teach us … and their pressure only increases when we deny their very existence … pressure is how they try to get your attention.

I allowed myself to be low vibe this week … trying to hold it back became more challenging than just letting it flow through … so I expressed how I was feeling … and did some painting and watched my fav sit-come Brooklyn NINE-NINE … I cleansed and allowed my higher mind to guide me back towards equilibrium … it took a day for this release to happen … once I allowed it flow and did all I could do to allow it to be without my interference – distracted myself with pleasant activities that I enjoy doing.

I’ve learnt a lot … I learnt that much of my actions these days are all towards the Shoulds’ I think I should be … I’ve stepped away from my usual activities to work on this aspect of self … I do not wish to move forward carrying deadweight that will hinder and not help.

Normally I would be giving myself a hard time about not doing all the things I believe I should be doing … this time I’m sending myself love when these moments arrive.

Remember the beast must be out in order to be tamed … I choose to tame through Love … it seems to be best approach I’ve found thus far. There is nothing more power than Love.

We believe Love is a feeling … when in truth -in higher truth- LOVE is a frequency, of the highest accord … we feel love yes … but love is more than an emotion it is the essence of All that is in Existence.

So, bring Love to these parts that you have ignored or condemned … these parts are the parts that require it the most … what you will be doing through this is bringing the essence of your Creator into your BEING to help heal and integrate the parts of the self that are in process of Being tamed and lifted into a state of higher consciousness with you.

I’m hoping to be more myself next week … for now I trust that all is well … and I’m just flowing with the Currents of Creation.

we can still receive signs even though we feel low vibe … Spirit still communes with us – this is where faith comes in – the signs come is wonderful ways.

I had clients booked in this week and last … and each one was cancelled & rescheduled through normal everyday occurrences … these low vibe energies are not in alignment with the work that I do … the lessons gained through moving through and lifting the low into the high are in alignment with the work I have come here to do …

So, I must move through my own teachings first before I pass that which I come to know onto others. Source moved my sessions out of the way in support of my disconnect so I may move through that which is in alignment to my own growth & expansion.

We are being supported if when we cannot see the higher support we are receiving … we must trust that it is always there.

In love & Light Star BEings

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