That’s it … At the most fundamental level of existence – we are here to experience through and within the physical form.
What we experience is unique to us and our experiences are determined by 3 factors…
1-What has been chosen at a Soul level
2-What is available through the physical body – the level of vibration the body can hold
3-Alignment through the consciousness that you have known yourself through
We have all chosen to be here … we would not be here if we had not. The Soul incarnates to experience through and within the physical form so it may experience itself outside of itself …
– a splinter of the whole but separate from it … the ‘splinter’ once separate from the whole can now look upon the whole from an external and separate perception –
… your Soul has lived for eternity … experienced many lives … taken many forms … and experienced many things that would blow your human mind (literally) … these experiences add to the totality of all experiences being experienced by each splinter or separated part the whole.
Each experience brings forth growth and expansion – experience, no matter what you are experiencing good bad or ugly … excites the molecular structure of your being and stimulates growth – cells dividing and multiplying – which allows you to hold more light within your vessel. This excitement of cells. Which is gained through each of your experiences changes your structure / your make-up on all levels of existence – your mind changes, your emotions change and your physical body changes.
Any experience brings with it thoughts, feeling and behaviors, which are mental energy, chemical energy and structural energy. This is Alchemy. When you hear folks talk of alchemy … this is what they are referring to. The merging & mixing of inner and outer energies / forces being combined through conscious effort and awareness … to turn led into Gold means to transform from lower into the higher consciousness beings whilst BEING in physical form.
Each of us has a predetermined Soul path that we are in agreement too at the soul level … whether we are conscious of this or not. Your Soul path will be unique to you … all of your past soul/life experiences and what you learnt through them, will be influencing your now soul path and the potential growth opportunities that you have planned out for yourself.
What many fail to acknowledge is that we have chosen this lifetime in opposition to our previous lifetime … if you are poor in this lifetime, you were likely rich in the last and vice versa. This is the commonality of Souls that are in incarnation today. Not all souls will be tied into the karmic cycles of reincarnation … some Souls – Star Beings – have come here for a higher purpose – not a better purpose a higher one – meaning the souls path leads them towards collective transformation for the purposes of lifting humanity into Higher Realms of consciousness.
Regardless of origins or Soul purpose each soul will be here to learn through experience so we can attain personal growth and expansion, as well as Collective change.
One of the most powerful ways a Soul can achieve growth – through its experience/teachings – is through the vessel they are housed in. The human body is a ‘container’ that is designed to house or host a soul through its incarnations. Earth is the densest plain and holds the densest form a soul can be housed within whilst remaining in a vessel that allows for Self-Awareness … and it is no easy feat living a human life in the weightiest realm of matter.
The physical body has changed and evolved as the species (humans) have themselves evolved … we are now at the next node point in our evolution … the jump from lower into higher consciousness and it’s a jump we are going to make whilst we (the splintered souls of primordial source) are still housed in our physical bodies. This is why we experience ascension symptoms – the aches and pains that we feel in the body are the physical manifestations of the Alchemy that is occurring within us and outside of us.
One way we learn through the body is through limitations. Physical limitations can be our greatest teachers … if we can learn to listen for the teachings and not the restrictions – it’s a paradox … as all things are once you come into your KNOWING.
Often the physical body you now house is at the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison to your previous incarnation. We learn through polarity – opposites – how can you truly experience anything when you’ve only experienced one side / one way. You must experience the entire spectrum in order to gain an overall balanced teaching & understanding and grow through your experiences.
In my previous incarnation I was in a body that was strong, unbreakable and not affected by illnesses or dis-ease, … through past life regressions I’ve come to know that in my previous Earthly incarnation I never understood why the masses weren’t able to hold a higher frequency of light, I remember the feeling of being baffled by this – in complete ignorance … I judged those that couldn’t attain what I easily attained and held in the form I was housed in. In order to come into understanding and move away from my ignorance, my soul for this incarnation chose a form that would be subjected to illnesses and dis-ease. Physical ailments and a lifelong condition to learn to accept, live with and grow through.
Once we have healed our relationships with our physical bodies … we are able to hold a higher vibratory field and allow higher frequencies of Light to channel through the vessel and be held in physical form – and the Alchemy begins. The vibration (the higher frequencies of light) the vessel can hold is dependent on the next key factor – Alignment.
Alignment is a position of agreement or alliance. The energies that you operate from design themselves and redesign themselves based on your individual consciousness, which is not fixed but fluid and mutable to change in accordance to a huge array of factors – environment, personal history and the stories you have known yourself through thus far in your life.
Your internal systems and structures make up your consciousness … your ability to make the unknown known – to make your unconscious systems and structures known to your conscious awareness – determines the level of alignment that you can attain.
Many of the collective are still operating from an alignment to fear … through the conditioning we have collectively received – I’ll save my money for the next time disaster will come – I’ll stay in this relationship I am not happy in because it’s better than being alone – I’ll stay single because I only ever attract narcissists. All of these decisions/choices/beliefs are operating through and from the frequency and vibration of fear by your simple agreement that they true … we have been taught, trained or programmed into these ways of thinking and feeling because we are easier to control when we are in alignment with fear.
The process of alignment is an ongoing one … we must always be in awareness of our vibrational accord … our thoughts, feelings and actions are a feedback loop that tells us in present moment time where our alignment is and what is causing any mis-alignment.
If we are wanting to align to a different frequency to that which we were born into, we must come to know these unconscious parts of the self and acknowledge & accept that what we believe to be true … may not be the whole truth or even hold any truth at all.
We must be willing to let go of all of the Should’s we have been taught, given and accepted in life and allow a higher perspective to take hold, so we may see what we couldn’t see before … so we can make the unknown known and come to re-know the mind, re-know the body and re-know our soul in accordance with a higher frequency and vibration that is held in higher consciousness.
When you begin to re-know the mind beyond the conditioning it has received … when you can re-know the body as the vessel that houses the Soul … you can move into alignment with the Higher Octave through your conscious awareness & efforts and start living from a place of experience and nothing more, a life free from polarity – there is no good or bad … there is only experience which will be your greatest teacher … if you allow it teach you.
In love & Light Star Beings

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