I have been quiet as of late … I am honouring my own healing journey and will be back to ‘business’ soon I appreacite you all


The end of a Cycle will feel and look like the beginning….a full circle has been made and you must walk back through the same/similar experiences that first set you on your current path.

The way the experience is different yet the same is all down to you and how you express the inner growth you have achieved, whilst walking through the sameness of before. The external will feel the same, however the Infernal has been forever changed.

I’ve been very quiet on here the past few weeks.

It’s hard to articulate what I have been experiencing and moving through….a new level of healing is taking place that feels so sacred and personal that I can not find or desire to find the true words to express it.

I am experiencing Duality in a form that’s new to me…. feeling physical pain and elated states of joy, bliss and connection all at the same time.

The pain is there, I can feel the nerves firing, the weakness in my legs, the numbness and tingling sensations constantly moving up and down… But the mind and soul NOW observing the pain is different to version before:

The Fool in the Tarot expresses this perfectly … The Hero’s journey begins with the fool and end with the fool. Each milestone achieved changes The Fool, not from an outward perspective but rather an inner perspective that has shifted, allowing The Fool to fully embody the archetypical energy of each character within the Major Arcana as the journey unfold before him.

My body is experiencing the same pains … yet My mind and soul are now standing in the Light and working with the pain from a place of understanding, strength and Love…No longer trying to mask it, ignore it or be consumed by it. I am now listening to it … hearing what it has to express and allowing my intuition to guide me towards resolution.

The beginning of my cycle was filled with emotional pain and torment, with fear, with failure with the desire to Give Up and just allow the pain to consume me.

My whole reality collapsed in the space of a few months … sending shockwaves to my very core. I lived externally … always looking out there for someone to save me! And it wasn’t until I recognised that I can save myself by going inward did the Hero’s journey unfold before me.

The end of my cycle … my now moment is filled with this deep connection to myself, the environment around & The Creator. I am no longer running from this pain but rather standing with it and integrating all that it has taught me and allowed me to become.

There are many ‘Tests’ laid out on each of our own Hero’s Journey … these are not test to trick us but rather to teach us.

By re-experiencing a situation you get the opportunity to BE someone different as you move through that event again…. BEing different in the same/similar situation allows you to step out from one cycle and into a New cycle. Different actions create different outcomes.

We must express our new state of BEing in all forms … from the mental side – new thoughts that empower … from the emotional side – positive emotions being expressed in the face of adversity … and finally physically – aligned actions & behaviours that embody your New State of BEing.

The Hero’s journey is a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth … allowing you to be in a state of constant ‘blossoming’ much like The Cosmos itself… always growing and expanding outward from a inner-point … with no desire to stop the expansion that is constant occurring.

As Above, So Below As the Universe, So the Soul

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