Triggers are a natural and necessary mechanism of the mind body complex … they are the catalyst for programming each of us holds with in us … they serve as a way to move the mind and body complex to action
Yet, very few truly understand their true purpose … they are seen as negative aspect of who we are…And their magnificent purpose is lost in the heaviness of this density we all reside in.
We must remember that there are many perspectives we can hold about the same thing … everything that exists does so in layers … there are many layer to this reality … many layers to truth … many layers to humans
The layers ensure that we awaken in a safe and secure way … to not overload our humanness with knowledge it cannot handle …. So we learn in layers, little bit by little bit … assimilating the knowledge into our BEingness and begin using that knowledge to change our internal structures – our thoughts & feelings – so we can change the external structures through our new actions.
Triggers operate on many levels … meaning there are many different perspectives one can hold on the subject of triggers and their purpose … what perspective you hold will depend on your current level
Consciousness … here are just a few of the different layers of perspective we can hold about triggers –
– triggers are not real
– I don’t have triggers but other people do
– other people trigger me, that’s not my fault
– triggers are unconscious and people can’t change
– triggers make me do things I don’t want to do, yet I have no control over them
– triggers show me the areas that I am weak in and I hate that
– I no longer have triggers I healed them all
– triggers show me where I need to work on myself
– triggers are a spiritual tool that I use consciously to change my internal structures
All of these statements are true on some level in this reality … your level of consciousness (how awake and aware you are) makes one of these statements true for you … or all of them true at some point … we work through the layers and the truths we hold change … as we change.
This post isn’t about where you currently are … this post is here to offer you a new perspective on triggers … but if you’re interested to know what level of consciousness you are operating from with regards to this subject … whatever statement resonated with you – whether that was resonance that agreed whole heartedly with a statement or rejected a statement …your response/reaction is showing you where you currently stand in your awareness on this subject matter
Here is a perspective I offer you … one that I have used successfully for many years … however, the success depends on how honest you can be with yourself about what it is you will learn from this level of perspective.
Healing is Honest work … no healing occurs when we cannot be honest with ourselves … owning how we think and feel without masking it, without playing it up or down … just being honest with ourselves about OURSELF is essential to healing!
Here’s the perspective I hold myself and now offer you …
‘Triggers are a mechanism that can be used by the consciously aware self to implement changes at the internal unconscious level.
Triggers are a way that our unconscious mind communicates with us … highlighting areas that create dis-ease within the vessel we house.
Triggers serve as a catalyst for the programs that are held within our neurological networks at the core of our BEing…. Like a light being turned on in a room … a trigger switches on your program -the way you think, feel and act within that environment that has triggered you.
That program… and all your programs have been installed through years of external conditioning.
As a consciously awake and aware being … you have begun the climb into higher consciousness … your triggers now act as a guide to illuminate the areas that are requiring your attention and attendance. Your triggers are showing you the parts of yourself that are not in alignment with the climb you are now making …
these programs that your triggers have highlighted to you are deadweight … holding you down in lower density … making the climb much harder.
Much like a friend who’s climbing ahead of you … showing the most optimal way to position yourself as you scale the mountain.
This perspective – that your triggers being your friend – is not an easy perspective to hold when you first begin climbing the mountain …
It requires you to not only See the trigger … it also requires you to attend to the trigger …
A conversation is required – a conversation with this part of you …
What part of me? The part that played out the program … how you were trigger does not matter … how you allowed the trigger to play out is what we now focus on.
Do you get angry when you’re triggered? Do you get frustrated and shut down? Do you get physical? Do you walk off? Do you break down and cry?
Whatever emotion and behavior that is being displayed by you in the moments you are triggered … will tell you what wounds are requesting to now be healed by your consciously aware self.
Now we know what we’re working with … we now need to find out the real issue buried beneath the trigger ….
Why did that bother me so much? why did I allow that bother me so much?
What is this showing me about me?
What can I do to let go of this (insert emotion)?
What can I learn from this experience so I may grow beyond where I currently stand.
This is the dialog that creates shifts in consciousness and allows for a deeper healing to occur.
We are conditioned to project outward … we are conditioned to do this by the external world around us …
there are many of you reading these words that are hovering between the veil … about to transition from one state of Being into a new State of BEING …
Your triggers are no longer thrown in your face … they are subtle and hiding below this new Level of consciousness you are attempting to reach … this work does not stop EVER … please allow the ‘need to be done’ to leave you … you will never be done … because the climb up the mountain into higher consciousness is a climb that has no end …
it is a climb of experience, which awakens new levels of consciousness within you at each new level you reach … and new levels of consciousness requires moving through the layers of that level so you can shed the dead weight and lighten the load once more … your Soul loves this experience … it is just your humanness that struggles sometimes…Remember this always
Your triggers will change … they will become less obvious as you climb into higher consciousness!
The easiest way to spot them is by becoming aware of your reactions to the external stuff going on around you … train yourself to investigate all heightened reactions – both good and bad – this will get you in the habitual pattern of self reflection and correction.
Knowing this does not mean you will never not be triggered … because we now know that triggers are a mechanical aspect to the mind body complex … they can either be our nemesis or our friend … the choice is ours to make.
What this knowledge does give you is the awareness to know and have a deeper understanding of what is happening when your humanness get triggered … how the trigger plays out is up to you … and it will take conscious effort on your part to change the thoughts, feelings and actions associated with each of your triggers.
This perspective has helped me shed layers and layers of my own distortions … allowing more of my soul in … anything new we do is always challenging at first … when we implement something new by stopping a old habit – we are literally rewiring our mind and body … consciously making new connections within the neurological networks that make up our BEing
this takes time … repetition … consistency … effort … BUT only until it becomes your new habit … then is submerges back into the unconscious abyss … and we no longer have to work so hard to achieve the same results.
Your triggers can be a powerful ally as you climb into higher consciousness … only when you see the triggers and work with them. You must see them first … then work to change them.
We climb the mountain together … and as a collective experience Higher Consciousness.

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