To translate reality is to transpose it … to lift it in vibration to a higher tone where the divine expresses.
This is not done through intent once alignment has been achieved … but until alignment is achieved there is a process to be engaged with in lifting what you see before you into a higher vibration.
In the higher vibration it can be re-known … translated from what it previously was as seen by the eyes of the small self, who has only known herself/himself within the lower vibration to be re-known … or re-seen through the eyes of the divine who expresses from a higher octave or tome.
To transpose means to move … invert … lift … reorder. It is not that you are being asked to erase your history … this is not something that can be done … what is being asked of you is to allow the history you have known in the lower field – the lower vibration & density of this Earthy realm – to be seen as something other.
Nothing that is held in darkness can be lifted … first it must be re-seen in the Light … through and from the eyes of the Divine come as you … then it can be lifted into a higher accord … a higher vibration of reality.
Lifting that which you see before you and behind you in your past experiences doesn’t have to be as hard as we have all made it out to be. We believe that the path must be treacherous … we decide that it is far easier to remain where we are despite something bigger pulling us or calling us …
It’s important to be aware that how you decide things is based on agenda or anticipated outcome … pulling data from past experiences to help you make these choices in life … and through doing this you deny possibility because you have been taught what you could or could not be …
and consequently through this conditioning … that has passed down through the generations … you do not understand or can believe that a new potential exists beyond that which has been prescribed for you … and that which you have experienced in life thus far.
Lifting your history is simply about stepping outside your ‘version’ of the events and allow the lens of perception that operates through and from the higher octave of reality to show you a different viewpoint on what you have experienced.
This doesn’t mean that what happened is now erased from your history as if it never occurred in the first place … what it means is that you now hold a different perspective on that experience. You see it outside of the perimeter you have held it in and now see other potential ‘versions’ of that experience …
These higher versions focus on the positive learnings and outcomes gained from that experience … the focus is held on what was changed or transformed rather than on what happened and how it negatively impacted you … You are not denying the latter … denying what happened … you are allowing a different version to sit beside the one you currently hold … that is all
… over time the lower version of your history held will no longer feel as appealing to you and you will naturally be drawn to align to the higher version that the divine as you offers … and once this occurs the need to hold onto any of your history will fall away … and you will no longer be basing your life on what has come before … or what you have been prescribed prior.
This is true freedom … being untethered from your history so you can come to know a new way of BEing … To BE in this world and not of it!
Think of a past experience that you struggle to let go off … set the intention to allow the divine to show you the higher perspective held on this experience …
Now ask yourself this question and see what comes to you …
What are the positive learnings I can now see from this experience?
You may be given words of power … you may be shown images that encapsulate a concept … you may be shown colors or hear tones that resonate to your Chakra system … trust whatever comes through for you. Be sure to journal on your answers.
Once you have the positive learnings … you task is to maintain the higher perspective that the divine offers … and you do this through thought correction … every time that past experience comes into your awareness you choose to see the higher perspective and ignore the previous one you held.
It really is simple … once you have made this action habitual … and that is done through repetition. You have to repeatedly this ‘thought correction’ EVERY-TIME … not only when it’s convenient or serves your purpose … EVERY TIME you must thought correct if you want to maintain the higher perspective.
We are habitual beings … and operate through systems of repetition … all we are doing here is allowing the higher octaves to inform our systems & structures to a new way of seeing, feeling and being. And through the act of repetition you will transform yourself and the world you experience.
This path is not one of convenience … we have all walked that path for far too long … this is the path of higher consciousness and we must choose to align to a higher level of consciousness in all that we see and experience.
In love & Light Star BEings

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