Timeline Integration session releases these emotions trapped within our physical, mental & emotional body so we can free up space for what we do want to think, feel and experience. This process is content free and works directly with your Unconscious Mind & Higher-Self to free the mind & body from past experiences and open ourselves up more fully to our spiritual aspects and gifts.

Remove the Big 5 emotions trapped in the Body – Anger, Sadness, hurt, Fear & Guilt.

Timeline Integration is a healing modality that is a content free process of ’clearing & emptying’ the stored up past emotions that are still causing you harm. It is a beautiful method for integrating shadow and inner child aspects of yourself without needing to fall into the experience or story-telling and reliving those painful moments

As the veils between the worlds thin you become aware that time is not linear. Timeline merges are becoming more obvious to StarSeeds at this present time. Many emotions and feelings are bleeding through from previous timelines and now the energies support us in completing the previous lesson, healing them and releasing them.

And teaching you how to detach from the emotions of the previous timeline which has not been fully processed by your soul so is still affecting this timeline. The benefit of Integrating your Timeline is that it frees your space within your Being to allow more of your Soul through, allowing you to access wisdom, knowledge, guidance and past Gifts that have been unavailable to you up to this point.

For every soul is different in terms of the amount of timeline and karmic work they have come to process. Your soul may have come many times to Earth and is now calling for this opportunity to be set free from the cycle of these timelines. Know as you do this work you affect ALL of your timelines, Past, Present and Future, allowing the doors of The Soul to open and interact more fully with you.

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