Three requirements for ascension …

I use the words requirements & must to emphasize the importance of these ‘instructions’ … if you desire to have a smooth ascension and to rise above what you have previously known the choice must be made by you to align to these requirements … the last one in particular!!

Requirement One – you must be available to transform what stands in your way.

Requirement Two – You must replace fear with trust.

Requirement Three – you must recognize that you are accountable to your actions … your temper … your jealously … your worry. It is your reactions to the World around you that you are accountable too … NOT the actions of others.

These are simple instructions for those that are aligned too and operating from a higher state of consciousness, its second nature to be available to all transformation as it presents itself in your life … to be trusting of all that is before you even when you cant see where you’re going and to be accountable and in control of your reactions to the world around you … yet, there are many that struggle to BECOME these teachings.

BECOMING is the foundational structure of Ascension … but before you can become anything you must have an understanding of the requirements before you can begin expressing them and then BECOMING them.

Requirement one asks that you be available to transform what is standing in your way … what this means is that you no longer resist the changes that are manifesting in your reality … us humans have a habit of pushing against the new in favor of the old … fear can set in and we cling to any form of normalcy we can find … even if that normalcy is what has been causing unhappiness & pain.

Being available means that you take your hands of the ores and allow the tide to turn you in the direction it is flowing … the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, unemployment, children leaving home, messy divorce … whatever it is that is causing turmoil in your life is what is seeking to be transformed …

there can still be fear held for the unknown – and the requirement for fear will fade over time the more you allow that which is unfolding before you to unfold in its own perfect way – even if it makes no sense to you or you can’t see anything beyond it …
being available is taking each moment as it unfolds … no matter what unfolds and presents itself for release & absolution.

Being available requires little action … it requires allowance of what is … instead of all the shoulds’ you think your life should be.

Requirement Two asks that we turn our fear into trust … and trust is a powerful companion when you’re journeying through uncharted territories.

We have a tendency to fear the unknown and everything outside of your current reality is unknown to you … so your fear seeks to replicate itself in all that you see before you … to stop you from seeking outside of it for something else … something beyond it!

The action of fear is to create more fear … and once a fear sets in it can be challenging to see anything but that fear and all the other subsequent fears it has created as it runs wild round your mind and down into your body. Fear is much like a parasite in that it lives inside an organism (you) and gets its life force from the repeated production of fear that you create.

Turning your fear into trust takes practice … and requirement one sets you up perfectly to practice trust … you must choose to trust that what will be revealed once this ‘thing’ you are moving is complete will be far greater than the life you have been experiencing thus far. You know your history … you know how it goes, time and time again … you’ve been on the same ride for how many years now?

Fear is just one feeling that can be felt and expressed when transformation is knocking at your door … you can choose to focus on the excitement of the potential possibilities … you could choose to focus on the passion that you feel burning within your soul … you can choose to feel relief that this part of your journey is coming to an end and brighter days are just around the corner.

Your mind determines how you feel … your conscious awareness allows you to choose where you place your focus … and what you focus on you will feel and express. Choose to trust that which lays before is for your highest good … even if it doesn’t appear to be so.

It helps to look back and actually remind yourself of all the times you have survived something you once believed you couldn’t!

… this is was what helped me fall into trust and away from fear. Everything I once believed would destroy me actually turned out to be the best thing that ever happened for me – maybe not while I was moving through it but soon after each ‘life destroying’ (dramatic I know) I was propelled into a better way of living and being.

Every time fear tried to set in I simply reminded myself of this … my resilience to life and the strength I have gained and maintained through the life I have lived so far outweighs any fear that attempts to blind me. I have not only survived but thrived from the stuff I once believed would be the end of me … how many things have you moved through that you once believed you couldn’t? Trust in your own resilience to life … its brought you this far already.

Requirement Three asks that you hold yourself accountable for your reactions to the world around you. Collectively we have been trained to focus outside of oneself … that our thoughts and feeling are a bi-product of the world around us … he made me do that … she caused me to be angry. It is a natural tendency to first blame those people and experiences around us for our REACTIONS … and this is a tendency that must be unlearnt and a new way of processing the world around you to be relearnt in its place.

Overriding generational conditionings is no easy feat … yet each of us have agreed to be here at this time for this very purpose. First it must be done on the individual level … and then when enough Of us are operating from this higher state of consciousness, we can collectively transform Our World and our way of BEING as a species.

It starts at the individual level by first acknowledging and then accepting that the only thing you have control over is your reaction or response to what you move through in each moment.

Life doesn’t happen to you … it happens for you and each experience you move through will be giving you opportunities to Master the art of self-control … being in control of what you think, what you say, how you feel and how you BE in the world.

You can choose to react … justify your behavior because of what someone else said or did to you … or you can choose to respond in way that is in alignment to a higher way of being.

Your actions are your own … they are no one else’s and any blame on others for how you have spoken, acted or behaved diminishes your own vibration and you now stand where they stand, in low tone and low expression through the choice you made to react in a similar fashion.

Your experience of the World around you will change drastically when you begin maintaining control of yourself … yes you will lose people …yes you will feel uncomfortable as your world view shifts from one octave into another … yes you will want to retreat to the old … these are all natural responses when one is embarking on the journey of awakening

These three requirements … or instructions for ascension will help you maintain your trajectory into higher vibrational tone … and when you fall off the path, which is part of the process … just simply step back on the path when your heads stopped spinning and be kind to yourself as you begin the readjusting period once more.

Ascension is a life journey … a way of BEing in the World and not of it! Move forward to with Love & Awareness.

In Love & Light Star BEings

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