This journey of awakening is extremely difficult for the small self at the beginning … and there will always be times of challenge for the small self no matter where you are at your own stage of development.
This difficulty experienced by the small self is for one simple reason … that the small self doesn’t know she/he is loved and cannot believe that the divine would embody as her/him.
A simple but powerful truth that goes straight to the core of the resistance and struggle all of us feel upon first awakening.
I can attest to this truth now because I remember the struggle I felt at the beginning of my own journey … and as I look back there now I remember that the feeling that wouldn’t shift was this feeling of being separate yet desiring at connection to something much greater than myself … and the opposing believe that even if that were possible I would not be worthy of it … why would anything divine want to come as me?… this was the question I was asking without any conscious awareness of my asking.
That feeling of loneliness and separation began slowly dissipating the more I worked on my beliefs around self-love, self-care, self-acceptance. This was the starting point that allowed all the other parts of the illusion to fall away.
Once I began lifting above the field of separation … I began liking myself … then eventually loving myself and this deep rooted believe that I once held that I wasn’t loved and the divine wouldn’t come as me began to disappear as well.
With this resistance now gone my spiritual experiences began happening rapidly … and without any fear attempting to tell me I was unworthy my relationship to myself and my Source grew in strength.
We can become so distracted with all the spiritual fads and get lost in the desire to go looking for the divine that we bypass the fundamental structures that actually allow the spiritual worlds to merge with our consciousness and reality to become part of our everyday life.
Without the fundamental structures in place maintaining the high vibration is too challenging … you can have fleeting experiences with the divine and then lose the connection … so you go out once more seeking it … forgetting that the divine is found within you and your beliefs about your worthiness or unworthiness is ultimately what will determine if you can hold the new vibration or not.
If you knew that you were loved would your life be different?
If you knew that you were never alone and never separate from your Source would your life be different?
The truth is You are loved … You are worthy … You are part of the whole just experiencing yourself in your unique individual expression of the one true Source.
Ask yourself what you most need to know in this moment to bring you closer to the truth that you are loved and you are worthy of the divinity that you truly are …
And then listen for what comes to you … it may not be what you think it should be … or even like what you are given … but trust that this comes from your higher self and she/he is always in support of your highest good.
Make this a daily practice … this isn’t a one trick pony … the questions need to be asked daily … and the answer will change as you begin to release that which is holding you back from allowing the divine to embody as you.
Your triggers are your opportunity to release the barriers you have upheld … your doubts and fears are your unconscious giving you the answers to the questions you are asking … they are just disguised as doubts and fears and once you know this to be true working with them for release will become effortless.
Be kind to yourself … kindness leads to love … and love leads you back home
Always in love & light

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