We have Ego for a reason … Without Ego we don’t move forward.
Ego is part of our life force … part of the whole … part of Creation.
We have ALL been conditioned to believe that Ego is only negative … that Ego is something that needs to be removed from our BEing.
This belief is what holds so many of Us back.
Like everything in Creation there is balance between negative and positive … experiencing both is the only way to learn.
There is positive Ego … and this positive side is what drives you towards your goals
Positive Ego is the Avatar your Soul uses to help you achieve your purpose here in this lifetime.
Your Soul is linked to your Ego and when you have those flurries of ideas coming through your mind … know this is your Soul using the channel between the physical and the spiritual realms to communicate with you…. To guide you … to help you evolve and hold more light in your BEing.
The soul knows that we all must overcome the negative side to Ego in order to activate the positive polarity of this Avatar! The Spul knows that we learn the most when negative Ego is control!
Negative Ego is the old familiar thoughts and feelings that drives you deeper into despair!
We need the despair … because sitting in despair long enough is how we activate our Will … we make the choice that we are done with this feeling, with this life that brings nothing but pain and sorrow.
This activation of WILL is the force that allows positive Ego to start driving us forward, towards our desires that are positive and empowering for us.
This play between the polarities is the perfect example of the ‘Need’ for both negative and positive experiences… one polarity drives us towards the other polarity.
Both negative and positive Ego are required and both serve a purpose for your Souls growth & evolution
You get to pick when you are ready to Activate your Will and activate your positive Ego. And when you have truly had enough of the despair … a pinprick of light will be found within the darkness you currently find yourself in….
Follow the Light Star BEing … there is nothing but compassion, Wisdom & Love to be found here
Allow Your Soul In

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