The greatest source of unhappiness doesn’t come from outside … it comes from inside!
We are conditioned into thinking & believing that the outside world is the source to our happiness … and for many years we have attempted to find that thing that will Finally make us happy … have you found it yet?
It is only when we look within ourselves that will come close to finding that elusive state of BEing of Happiness.
We can often miss the signs that unhappiness is setting in … it starts so small and slips under the level of our conscious awareness, so we miss the red flags.
It’s starts off by us stopping doing the little things for ourselves … self-care means very little to a unhappy person:
minimum effort is made or no effort is made. We skip a shower here and there, we dress is our ‘comfy’ clothes on a daily basis and then no longer just when we are done with our day … these comfy clothes can shift into pj wearing permanently and boy do pj’s feel heavy after they become our everyday attire!
We take little to no care in our appearance … we may even dress this up as ‘I don’t need to prove anything to the world’ …
When we really we are trying to become invisible to the world… If I’m Dull and unattractive no one will notice me … the world will forget me and I will be justified in my thinking and feeling of unhappiness!
Then the diet comes into play, it’s not just take away once a week … it’s everyday; we take little notice of the foods we eat, the drinks we drink, as long as it fills that hole of emptiness I’m feeling, even if only for a little while!
We can stop engaging in social activities because it’s too much trouble to make ourselves up and pretend to be happy …
These 👆🏼 are all natural behaviors each of us have displayed over our lifespan … some become aware and do something about it … others ride the wave of ignorance and continue to blame the external sources for their unhappy state of Being:
These behaviors are the red flags that your unconscious mind is sending you, so you can become aware of the problem before you become the problem.
Much of what we do is living under our conscious awareness … and it will remain there until we choose to dig it out and use it.
Being happy is an Art … and like with any art form it is need to be studied and practiced so we can Master it!
I teach the art to happiness in The Science to Being Happy. I live by the teachings i share … and I exist in a state of authentic happiness most of the time, I am human after all!
I recognize these warning signs from my unconscious and I act upon them immediately … to prevent me from going down a path I no longer choose to walk:
Do you desire authentic happiness?
Are you willing to put in the time, effort and energy exchange in order to achieve that authentic happiness?
Only you can answer this question…. And only you can change your stage of BEing
There are plenty of lightworkers out there eager to help you … myself included … BUT we can only ever help you, when you are ready to help Yourself.
Are you ready to help yourself? BecUse if you are … a world of happiness awaits you 🥰

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