There is a moment before a choice is made or announced where the old will present itself and asked to be acted upon … and the invitation for you to do in this moment is to claim the New way of moving through the moment. This is the point of alchemy … where integration of the new has the opportunity to take hold.
This is where being a clear channel and aware of the self beyond the known or the old is most beneficial … where a higher perspective has the opportunity to be introduced into a space where a lower perspective is being held. Holding a higher perspective allows you to construct the new over the old. The difficulty with this point of integration is that there must be conscious awareness of the choice and agreement with the higher perspective for the new to be allowed to enter. You must say Yes to the new.
This point of alchemy is often missed due to the overload of detrimental belief structures that you have held in place to keep yourself safe … so when this point of alchemy has the opportunity to be made manifest it is often ignored because the small self is still operating from the lower vibrational field.
When the small self is still trying to control things … still dictating what the world should look like … what others should act like according to their own opinions … this point of alchemy is completely bypassed and the invitation from the old is answered and acted upon and the New that was seeking to be expressed will have to wait for the next opportunity to be known.
The opportunities will come again and again … and each opportunity you are presented with will hold the potential for this point of alchemy … or integration of the new.
It is up to you to work to clear the channel that you are in order to expand this point of alchemy … to make the gap … or moment before the choice is made to become bigger and more accessible to you.
These opportunities to integrate the New occur in your everyday life … not in some magical spiritual experience … but rather in the times that bring tension, resistance and dis-ease. The times you hold judgement towards another … the times you get angry because things aren’t going your way … the times you are held in fear …
These are the opportunities that allow you to BEcome the New … you have to override the old with the new and in order for that to happen the experience to do so must be made available to you.
This is a teaching of experience … of becoming … of BEING. You must take what you have learnt on your spiritual path and implement it into your everyday life … and your everyday life will present you with ample opportunities to bring the light to what was once concealed in shadow.
Become aware of each opportunity and each moment before a choice is made … Can you allow the higher choice to be made despite the invitation of the old enticing you towards it? Say Yes each time … and if some moments are missed … trust that more will be on their way towards you. Take the lessons and let go of the rest. Nothing is ever wasted when you decide that you will learn from each encounter.
The new will not magically appear some day … the New is always available to you in each moment you stand in … the choice to say yes is one that must be made at a conscious level of your being … Without your agreement it will Continue to be an idea only.
Remember the New always comes at the cost of the Old.
Always in Love & Light

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