No one has achieved it because it is not possible to do … in worst cases when the death of the ego is attempted … another ego rises from the ashes of the one just cut down… and it rises in the knowing that is born from the death of its predecessor … and instantly activates its flight or fight systems. This is why so many struggle with the concept of the Ego and what it is! There is so much fear held around this biological part of who you are.
I share this teaching … which comes from a higher field of consciousness … it may not resonate with everyone … but it will resonate with those who are ready to try a new way of dealing with the Egoic structure … that is as natural as the air that each of us breaths.
Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.
What is the Ego? The ego is an internal structure that allows you to experience yourself in a state of separateness. The Ego is not concerned with the internal reality … its purpose is to deal with the everyday experiences of living in a physical form in a physical world.
You must understand that in Mans early evolutionary days this was necessary … if the caveman was to survive ALL of his attention had to be focused intently on the external world – it’s physical environment – a simple moment of daydream could result in death and survival was the primary focus back in the day.
Over the evolution of Man the ego also developed and evolved itself and hardened into an amour like shell over time with its continued use for survival.
We no longer live in the times of Survival we once did as a species … we are the safest the species has ever been … yet no one told the ego and it has gone about its purpose … keeping us safe and protected … even though the fears it instils for such safety are more of a figment of the imagination today than when it was first created alongside Man.
The Ego now threatens to bury the inner self that it was created to protect … evolution occurs in all forms not just in physical forms.
The ego has many names … The small self, the personality self … the one who must not be named! Some confuse personality with Soul … personality is NOT the soul it is the egoic construct that allows you to BE in physical form. You would not be here without your Ego … you need it as much as it needs you.
You have just been conditioned to reject that part of yourself … forgiveness for our collective ignorance must be given to each and all for this.
I like to use the term small self in place of Ego … it is the same thing yet the small self gives this part of you a new image and one that can hold dignity and allow you to work in tandem with it rather than against the conditioned term and resistance we are all too familiar with.
Now, the small self has a purpose and it is a highly useful purpose …. The personality structure which we each operate in and which makes up the egoic structure … is the basis for most of your learning while in physical form.
Without this structure you would not be able to experience yourself separate from all the others … it is what makes you unique within the collective …yet it is not separate from the whole … think of it like an avatar that you play whilst in this game called Life.
The small self once seen and retaught in a higher way … is something you can move with and then beyond as the basis for your individual expression. This is not about transcending anything … it is about connecting the small self with the high self and merging the two … moving beyond simply means that the small self is lifted into the higher reality … yet is still your mode of ‘transport’ whilst incarnated here in the third dimension.
Your lessons … which are individual to you have been personally filtered down by your soul through your egoic structures and out into your physical reality … for you to perceive … experience … and integrate. Without your Ego you would not hear the sounds of your Soul.
We must remember that we have each been clouded in fear for eons of times and this has only served to further instill flight of fight into our egoic structures … you will first have to wade through the fog of your distorted experiences and clear some of the way … in order to reach the parts of you that can be integrated. It takes times to rebuild this relationship with the parts of yourself you have been taught to fear.
I hope this concept of Ego can help diminish some of the barriers you have erected to keep your small-self safe … once the barriers has been removed … a new relationship with yourself can begin.
This Is a long post … yet barely scratches the surface of what and how these internal structures operate … I’ve kept it as short and sweet as possible.
Be kind to yourself on this journey of re-knowing … you may be surprised to find that you actually like yourself once the fog has been lifted.
In Love & Light Star Beings

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