The conscious mind is the part of you that goes about your daily life … it’s the part of you that is aware & actively engaged in your outward experiences … it is a vital part of BEING human and a necessary structure for life in a physical reality … yet, despite its importance we know so very little about the aspects that make up the self that we remain ignorant to the immense power that each of us has contained within.
It is my intention to shed some light on the workings of that conscious part of you … so you may come to understand yourself a little more and begin working with the systems and structures that allow you to be in physical form.
The conscious mind allows you to look outward into the World and see the reflection of your spiritual activities … so you may perceive and access your individual and joint creations … remember we are all spiritual Beings here having human experiences.
The conscious mind can be visualized as a window that you look out through … and what you ‘see’ is determined by the lens of your inner mind … the conscious part is what looks outward and the inner conscious or unconscious can be likened to the glasses one must wear in order to see the view out the window.
Often, you let false beliefs blur the vision of the inner consciousness … believing that the things you were told or witnessed or experienced are what you are … and each time these false beliefs are agreed too … another speck of dust collects on the surface of the lens that you are looking through … blurring what you see and perceive … simply wiping the dust away does nothing but smear what’s that’s already there … only further blurring your vision.
Your joy, vitality and accomplishments do not come from the outside to you through the events of your life … but spring forth from the Inner Events that you experience which are a result from the beliefs you hold. Our beliefs grow in time & space as flowers grow from the ground and out into the World.
The belief that the outside World determines your experiences is the first belief that ‘must’ be changed if you are truly wanting to create change in your life.
The outside World is a reflection of your Inner World … and your conscious mind is the system that allows you to experience yourself in the landscape you find yourself in.
Your unconscious mind … that inner aspect of the self that regulates 95% of your existence is what holds the key to all transformation … all learning, behavior and change happens at the Unconscious levels of your BEing … and your Conscious Mind is the way to get to your unconscious one. The two can and do work harmoniously together once the blurry vision has been corrected.
How do we correct the blurry vision? By becoming aware of the false beliefs that blur our vision.
How do we know when we are operating from a false belief? By becoming aware of how each of our beliefs feel. If the thoughts that we think leave us feeling low … to any degree … then we are operating through and from a false belief.
And I say become aware of the feelings … NOT because the feelings are root of the problem … they are merely a by-product of the thoughts that we think … and as a species we have become some lost in the sea of emotions that we identify more with them than the thoughts that we think. We believe if we feel something we are that thing … and so our conscious focus becomes trapped in the feeling and we then act from that place.
Becoming aware of the feeling allows you then to backtrack out of the body that is feeling and into the mind that is telling the body to feel & react in a certain way. Once in the mind you can pinpoint the ‘weed’ (false belief) that is growing in your garden (BEING) and remove it.
How do you remove it? By becoming aware of the false belief. By asking the right questions and being open to receive the answers … which will likely not be what you want to hear. A simple question to ask is –“What is the belief behind this emotion?” and be open to the answer.
Your emotions follow your beliefs, not the other way around. Your emotion can become the gateway to the false beliefs that require your attention … when you are aware of them and not in denial.
The conscious self … the small self … the egoic structure … the personality structure … are all aspects that make up the conscious part of you … they are each looking outward through the window of your Being with blurred sight … because they know no better.
Forgive these parts of yourself for not being who you wanted them to be … and give them the gift of pure sight by re-educating them in the ways of Higher Consciousness … where they are not condemned but rejoiced for their efforts in bringing you to where you now stand.
When the lower and the higher merge … which happens in stages and only when the conscious mind is aware of the unconscious systems being worked with … can the dust that once collected on the lens of your perspective begin to fall away … the more you teach your small self in higher ways of being, not through fear but through Love … the more she/he opens up to allowance and surrender to another way of operating … this re-teaching allows all aspects of Self to be lifted … and all are given new sight from which to look outward into the World … and what is now seen is showered in Love & Light.
We will continue this journey tomorrow … where I will take you through the emotional currents of your BEIng … so you may swim in the sea of feelings instead of drown.
Always in Love & Light Star BEings
Painted created by-Jaime Mondragon – ‘pineal window’

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