We will know when the collective has shifted into Higher Consciousness, when we, as a race, no longer need to write, sell or buy books that teach us how to be compassionate, how to be kind, how to love ourselves … How to be Happy.
The global reality reflects the inner workings of the Collective Mind … and those who now walk the path to Self-Discovery, who take the time and commit to the never-ending journey of knowing thyself …
WE are beginning to the activate the Higher Mind of The Collective Consciousness … each time we grow, heal, learn, evolve … we are creating new energetic pathways in the Mind of the Collective … making new ways of thinking, BEing and Doing available to more souls who are just awakening.
These books that have taught us how to Know ourselves more fully are a powerful part of the Ascension process … but they are not part of the New Earth … the work we are each doing now is for the purpose of eradicating the NEED for these tools of ascension.
They are needed NOW but not forever.
The New Earth requires us to act from compassion, kindness and Love as a second nature … can you imagine a world where these traits of compassion, kindness and love are the first responses we have to all exterior stimuli ?
That world that you just imagined is the world we are creating Star BEings
Your work is valued and honored … you are making a difference that impacts the entire world
Love & Light

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