We have some idea about what the collective Consciousness is … what it looks like … and how it works. The idea you hold will be in alignment with the level of consciousness you are currently learning through.
One level holds the idea of an energetic grid of thoughts forms that connects every human on the together planet.
Another level holds the idea that this energetic grid is uploading and downloading the mental, emotional and spiritual ‘data’ each being in physical incarnation is generating.
Each idea held in each level is built on from the idea that came before it …
I offer you another to contemplate … this one is held in Truth in the Higher Octave.
The Collective Consciousness is a system of agreement … agreements that collectively we have agreed to … each generation are born into agreements that the generation before them agreed too … these collective agreements dictate what we are … who we are … and how we operate.
We are given ideas of self … ideas of the world around us … ideas about others through the constructs of conditioning – parenting / education / social norms.
We were born into these systems … born into a World that has already agreed to the way in which that World work.
There was a time when the collective agreed to slavery … and then the time came when the collective agreed to something less barbaric and slavery was abolished.
There was a time when smacking your spouse or children was an accepted and expected thing to do … and then came the time that this was no longer acceptable and the collective agreed to new laws
These are some extreme examples being used for ease of understanding as to what or how the collective agrees to something together.
Each country will hold its own sphere of influence … meaning the collective agreements vary depending on what country / part of the World you are in.
There are agreements that we all uphold … and others that some uphold and others don’t.
One that we have all agreed to is governmental structures and systems – hierarchy / laws / taxes
One that some have agreed to and others haven’t … is the use of cannabis – it’s still illegal here in the UK and in other parts of the World is no longer illegal.
Anything that is agreed too … comes with the entire history of that agreement … all the values, beliefs, pains, traumas, hope, dreams … the entire history of each agreement is held within it.
How did we agree? I didn’t agree to anything???
We agree by our very Being … verbal consent in not required … you are in agreement not by your word but by your vibration. It is your state of Being that is in agreement.
We have been conditioned through a state of Fear. Fear is a potent energy that has one purpose … to create more fear! The action of fear is to create or generate more fear. So, a perpetual cycle has been created within the collective consciousness that is being driven by a collective held in fear, by their agreement to it.
Why do you pay your bills?
Why do you going to job that you hate?
Why do you keep yourself small when opportunity presents itself?
And the automatic answer is often ‘because I have too … I have to pay my bills … I have to go to work or I would have no money … I’m not capable of doing it … I’m better off where I am’.
You pay your bills because you fear what will happen if you don’t.
You go to a job you hate because you fear what life will be like without money or position.
You keep yourself small when opportunity presents itself because you fear you will fail.
Where did you learn these things? Who taught you to be in fear? Or has it always just been there?
Forgiveness is required on a collective scale … forgiveness for the self … acknowledge that we didn’t know anything outside of the collective agreements each generation was born into.
We didn’t know then what we know … and knowing what we know now presents us with an opportunity to change the course of the collective once again … because the COLLECTIVE decides where the collective goes by their agreement to it.
Does this mean we all just stop paying our bills … going to work?? No it doesn’t … we are still required to participate in third dimensional life … we are each learning soul lessons through this human experience each of us are having.
We each agreed to separation and all of the life experiences we move through … you are here by agreement. You agreed – on a soul level – to separation … to forgetfulness … to all of your life’s ups and downs, because of the growth they will ultimately provide for you.
We also agreed to be born into a construct of systems and structures that operates through Collective Agreement. Yet, we can participate in life without the fear … we can choose different values and beliefs that operate outside of fear.
You can choose to pay your bills because your love your home and the safety and security it provides you and your loved ones.
You can choose to go to work and agree that work is an appreciated part of your life because it allows you to live the life you live … and there is always work available in other areas if you also agree that passion and work can be one.
You can to jump on opportunities presenting themselves to you despite any old fears … because you have proven again and again that you are good at picking yourself back up after every fall … you are here reading these words … proving that nothing has beat you yet!
When you agree through fear … you are in agreement by your vibration to that thing that you fear. Fear calls it to you.
We have seen the World nearly blown to bits many times in our history … from the perspective of Higher Consciousness this is the manifestation of the Collective in disagreement over systems and structures that had previously been agreed.
Every generation brings a wave of change … every generation is born into what came before them … and there was a time when this was readily accepted without any questioning, because we didn’t know any other way … as the Collective began awakening from its slumber … huge shifts started taking place Worldwide … what was once just accepted began to be challenged
-Women’s’ right to work / vote
-Rosa parks refusing to give up her seat
-Martin Luther king and his ‘I have a dream’ speech
-LBGT rights
-Non-binary / gender neutral
There are times in our history that sets the collective on a new path … a path that allows for more expression & experience.
We began questioning the structures and systems …. We begin by challenging the ideas and identity of self that has been given to us through the constructs of conditioning … we must REMEMBER The New comes at the cost of the old.
Once we stop identifying with these conditioned ideas of self … what we think we should be like … we stop identifying with all the issues attached to these ideas of the conditioned self and we will stop relating with each other through these issues.
We have been and still are recreating the ideas of what it means to BE – and it is an ongoing process because it is a collective process.
If the things we have believed to be true – things given to us through our system of agreement – constructs of conditioning – can be seen in a higher way by reframing that which you believe to be true … we will no longer be controlled by the very systems and structures that have kept us in conjecture and fear for eons of time.
-Fighting the system is done through fear
-Blindly following the system is done through fear
-Being ignorant to the system is done through fear
-Rejecting the system is done through fear
In what ways are you in Collective agreement?
Where do you hold fear in your life?
Where you hold fear … any fear, no matter what it is you fear … you are in collective agreement to fear
We must Re-Know our history … not forget it but Re-Know it in a higher way … seeing it for what it is truly is … an evolutionary path that a species has collectively agreed to walk together. It is nothing more or less than this.
We are currently at another node point in our collective ascension … where the World is splitting in two (not literally, metaphorically) the collective is dividing … those that awake, aware & aligning and those that are not … Neither is better or worse … both are a way to experience oneself!
We will be feeling the ‘pressures’ of this divide for many years and many generations to come … it is part of the divine plan … trust where you are being guided and recognize where you hold fear and therefore still in collective agreement to it.
Your own personal growth benefits the whole … because you’re in agreement to know yourself and the world in a higher way … adding to the growing collective agreement aligning to higher consciousness.
We must see that which we wish to change … and we must accept that the New comes at the cost of the Old … how the old is removed is also divinely planned … TRUST what is unfolding before you Star BEings

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