The energies these past few weeks have been strife … it’s felt like a constant back and fore pull between one thing or another, the image of a pinball machine comes to mind.
There’s been motivation and resistance in the same space towards the same things … which can create confusion if one isn’t aware of the mechanics at play.
This back and fore motion is actually a very beneficial thing once you understand how it supports your growth.
We are at a time in our evolution, as a species, where our intuitive senses are waking up and we are becoming more aware of the Worlds beyond this one. We access these otherworldly realms through our intuitive capabilities … yet we have been conditioned to not trust ourselves … to not listen to the body when it tries to communicate with us. We have given all of our personal power away without even being aware of it.
The energies we are all moving now and, in the years to come will be much the same … these energies are pushing us towards realization … and the only way towards realization is through the collective conditioning … to change the collective conditioning from what it has been into something new.
As a collective we have been falsely led to believe that manifestation is about getting what we want and not about expressing consciousness. There is nothing wrong with getting what we want, yet in most cases what we say we want is what we have been told to want and what the small self believes she should have.
The question must always come back to Why do you want what you want? Is it because you believe that it will improve your life … or is it so you can be seen as better than your fellows?
These questions help us determine what aspect of yourself is desiring what and why? Questions lead to answer … and being honest with yourself about your answers leads to release and integration.
So, these strange energies that are mixed with desire and fear are provoking us towards the truths we are each seeking.
The back and fore energies are allowing us to shift between our wants … helping us become aware of the should’s in our life … should always highlights a fear … whatever you ‘should’ be doing in life … is a place that requires this line of questioning.
I challenge you to remove the word SHOULD from your vocabulary … you use it more than you are consciously aware of … we all use this word so frivolously yet it holds such power over us.
These excited energies … felt much like what static would feel like … are supporting us in lightening the load of our life … showing us what is ready to be left behind and what is ready to be welcomed in.
I’ve been quiet this week … lot’s of little things have been going on in my life … and I have been using this line of questioning to determine what is ready to be released in order to welcome the new in … it requires ‘alone’ time … away from the world of conditioning so that you can become aware of your own intuitive processes and begin deciding for yourself, outside of what you have been told .. and in the coaching arena there are many shoulds’ to battle with!
The truth is, these energies are not going anywhere … they will be coalescing with the energies of your Beingness and the fabric of your life, so that each human being can move closer to their own realization of who and what they truly are. This is an ascension of a entire species … no one gets left behind … some awaken early and others much later and we have many generations and many opportunities to make the changes being asked of us as a species.
How you engage with your life will determine the level of consciousness you have can hold in any lifetime … if you are feeling these energies … feeling the disturbance in your field and form …. KNOW that you have said YES … and this is part of the awakening process.
Your claims of history, the things you have believed and agreed too that are held in lower vibration WILL fall away … some will fall away with a breath, some with a laugh, some with a sigh, some with a downpour of tears & some with a great thunder … the release happens in its own perfect way and NOT in accordance with how your small self thinks it should be.
This journey is rarely graceful … so forgive yourself and others … and in fact your life for not being what you think it should be … and then allow the divine to lead you back home.
In love & Light

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