The hard time you give yourself … is what holds you in Lower Consciousness
Last week was all about ‘catching up’ …unearthing the To DO’s we’ve buried below our conscious awareness and our everyday lives.
And as much as unearthing that which has been buried … lost … or simply forgotten is a beneficial thing …. The things that we have stopped in order to catch up on those things we have left behind … can and often does give us the opportunity to give ourselves a hard time.
“yes, amazing I finally did all my packing & posting … yes ive finally cleaned out that cupboard that is flowing with shit I just thrown in there over the months …. Yes my house now feels cleared and cleansed … but in order to do that I’ve had to step away from my business for a few days … my commitments … my everyday life.”
Sound familiar? Can you recognise where you do this in your own life and towards your own being.
It’s like we are constantly in a state of finding something to give ourselves a hard time about … I see this with every … yes EVERY client I have worked with and there have been 100’s … seeing this play out in front of me – through others allowed me to come to KNOW that this – self-punishment – is a conditioned behaviour …. And yes it is punishment of the self … even a little self telling off if still self-punishment.
Self-punishment no matter how big or how small is still punishment on some level … and we have been conditioned to use ‘punishment’ as a mean to control … we see this in our societal systems (police, prisons) … we see this in the educational systems (detentions, public tellings off in front of your peers) … we see this in parenting ( the naughty step, denying attention & things) … we see this in the workplace (disciplinaries, being sacked)
This is not to say that things are not required … as on some level the human requires programming in order to function in this construct of physical reality. And we have all agreed collectively to these systems and structures as a way to experience life.
I am pointing this out – programming through threat of punishment to gain control …. Is a learnt behaviour … if we accept that this is the way our construct operates (which we all have at some level – either through acclimation or through inherited means agreed to) than we can acknowledge that we would naturally take the same approach to the Self. The system has ensured that a large scale of the population will self-govern their behaviours and keep the systems in place – police, hospitals, prisons ect – will only have to deal with the smaller majority of the population – it’s a very clever system when you look at it from this ‘birds eye view’ or higher consciousness perspective.
Self-punishment is a learnt behaviour … one that has been cultivated over eons of time … passed down to each new generation that is birthed into physical form. Our first instinct – or the first instincts of the conditioned structures – the Ego & the Shadow is to punish the self for not living up to the high standards sets by an outside authority.
Knowing that this way of thinking, feeling and then acting – the berating ourselves … giving ourselves an unnecessary hard time … punishing ourselves and others through pain, denial, neglect, detachment ect – is a conditioned way of being … we can now choose to lift above said conditioning and choose a higher way of relating to the Self.
The biggest thing that holds you in a place you no longer want to be … is the way you treat yourself for the things you believe you have done wrong … or done badly … or not done at all.
It is your negative self-talk that creates your negative feelings … and from these accumulation of mental and chemical energy … you then act in accordance with who you believe yourself to be – not good enough … not worthy … not loveable … not of the divine
It is a perpetual cycle of thinking, feeling and acting … yet, when your thinking is attuned to Higher Consciousness … and you see beyond or above the veil of conditioning that envelops this third dimensional plain of existence … you are no longer governed by said conditioning.
How long do you stay in the space of ‘giving yourself a hard time’? and be honest … remember Healing – True Healing – is honest work … if you cannot be honest with yourself about the self … you will remain in that place you no longer want to Be experiencing life from.
How many minutes, hours, days, weeks or even years have you spent in the space of punishing the self?
When something goes ‘wrong’ (and I quote the word Wrong because there is no right or wrong, there is only your perception of right and wrong … which is not your own but rather one that was given to you from an external source)
So, when something you perceive as wrong, bad or negative occurs … how do you react?
What words do you use towards yourself? What do think? What do you feel? And how does this affect how you behave and act towards yourself and others?
This line of questioning is not to give more reasons or more permission to further punish yourself … its make you aware of what you are ACTUALLY doing … because most of the time … you spend longer punishing yourself than anything else … and you wonder why things don’t change.
What you think yourself to be is what you will BE … you will think and feel yourself into this state of BEING and that is where we are collectively at in our current evolution as a species. We are in the In-Between … transitional phase … moving out of conditioning – fear – punishment – pain – abnegation …. And we are shifting or lifting into FREEDOM from these things.
This must first happen on the individual level and then Collectively … on the individual levels means that you become aware of when you are in self-punishment … and therefore in Fear … and once you have awareness you can begin lifting yourself into Higher Consciousness … the knowledge I have just shared is ample evidence for you to choose the higher perspective …
Why are you punishing yourself for something you were told should or should not be?
Recognise that all self-punishment …. And therefore, fear is a ‘given’ system that we have either acclimated too or inherited and most often it is both … we are not born with Fear held within us … we are born with and through the frequency of Love … as all things that are Divine are created through the frequency of Love … and ALL THINGS ARE THE DIVINE or nothing is!
What we require in those moments of self-Punishment is Love and forgiveness for not knowing before what we now know.
Next time you become aware of you stepping into self-Punishment … because you must first become aware of the fact … I want you to Stop … close your eyes … and see in your Minds’ eye you giving yourself a Hug …
That’s it … nothing more or nothing less … just bring your awareness … all of your senses to this image being projected onto the screen in your mind. No words … No thoughts … just the feeling of a beautiful embrace.
And when you are done … shake yourself off and walk out of that space and into a new one – on the physical and mental level.
be kind to yourself as you unlearn all that was given to you … its a process that requires Love and forgiveness only.
*I always try to match the picture to the message … yet the pictures that came up with the search term self punishment highlight our collective conditioning over eons of time … I do not wish to add further to that outdated and false conditioning … so instead I share the picture that shows you as already free
In Love & Light Star Beings

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