It’s beautiful to see more and more starseeds awakening and stepping onto their destiny path.
I know it’s scary at first … to start sharing your true beliefs that are so very different to the conditioned collective mind
I know how quick your heart races every time you share your words with your world
I know the fear that comes when you do your first Live video … the terror at being judged … being publicly humiliated … yet you still do it anyway
Be proud of yourself … any journey, no matter the destination begins with the step right beneath your feet now
Step by step … milestone by milestone
That is how we walk this path … continuously doing the things that challenge us … the things that feel the most uncomfortable to do … until one day …
The uncomfortable is the new comfort zone
It will not always be this way … you will not always feel the way you do now when you share your light … the feelings will morph and change … as you morph and change.
Be prepared to have those that do not resonate with the messages you bring through to challenge you, to condemn you and to leave you …
This is the divine cleansing that occurs all on its own … making way for those who are ready to hear your message … see your light and embrace their own spirit, because you, in your efforts to be better than you were before … inspires other to want to also become better then they were before.
The light is infectious … and it also can spread like wildfire … when we wholeheartedly share our own light with the world
I am proud of each and every one of you
Now, be proud of yourselves

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