Many spiritual truths are too vast and too incomprehensible for our humanness to grasp … we live in a World governed by third dimensional laws of reality … and each dimension has its own laws/rules that support its functions and operating systems.
We could not know all there is to know whilst being held in physical form … it is just not possible and as a soul that is making its way back home again and again, each version of reality that is experienced brings the lessons the soul desires to learn … in this realm of reality we are very restricted in our capabilities as a soul having a human experience.
We are less restricted now than ever before … with a World waking and looking beyond what they have been told and starting to seek out and accept the higher truths now available to us all … we are at a fascinating time in our evolution as a species and we are all contributing to the propulsion of consciousness on this plane of reality.
There are many ways to move beyond the limitation placed upon this sphere of reality and many ways that we can come to know higher truths in a way that can be comprehended enough to allow the lifting or raising of your frequency above the heavy density of this reality …
One way that is so powerful is through metaphors and analogies … taking one thing that we may not understand and relating it to something that we do understand … using this type of language evokes imagery and different way of thinking, allowing us to ‘see’ something we didn’t ‘see’ before and then connections between our experiences and higher truths can be made.
This is a really easy and simple way to work with your conscious and unconscious mind in a cohesive manner … which allows entrainment to the higher vibrations to occur. Entrainment is when two or more different vibrational systems fall into step with each other, they become synchronized and start singing from the same note.
It is through metaphors and analogies that we can begin to comprehend higher spiritual truths … and through this comprehension gained we begin the journey towards a higher vibrational state of Being whilst being in physical form.
Our small self … that aspect of us that is awake and aware as we go about our everyday lives … is not programmed to be aware of anything beyond the physical world … so she/he must be taught the ways of higher consciousness … which is not always a pleasant or comfortable process … and teaching in the form of metaphors & analogies is a kinder gentler way to re-educate our small self.
Imagine your small self is you when you were at school … what teachers resonated with you and what teachers didn’t? my favorite teachers and the ones I allowed myself to be taught by without resistance were the teachers that allowed me to come to my conclusions and understandings in a way that worked for me … they allowed freedom … they made learning fun (I say the word fun loosely … cos what teenager actually enjoys the schooling system) … the teachers I resisted were the teachers that attempted to tell me how to think, what to think and when to think it.
Metaphors work in a way that allow your own unconscious and conscious mind to take the information given and mold it in a way that is relatable to you … every metaphor used will evoke different imagery and connections for different people depending on their own experiences, beliefs systems and soul essence … they allow freedom to roam and to come to independent understandings that allow you to release & integrate.
Why am I telling you this? Because I believe and have always believed that knowledge is power … knowledge of how you work as a being in a third dimensional reality activates your own personal power … which is the most powerful thing in this world.
So, to bring this to an end I shall leave a metaphor for your minds to ponder … which will bring you to a better understanding … a visual understanding … of how you integrate and what occurs as we transition from the old to the new.
When your pour clean water into a glass that is filled with muddy stagnant water (when you are lifting your vibration, raising your frequency) the sediment and sludge at the bottom of the glass will rise to the surface and wash over the sides as the clean water refills the glass (your repressed and unresolved emotions rising to the surface of your awareness and moving through your being)
integration is a progressive process … that repeats again and again as each new level of your Being is known and integrated … each time the water becomes muddied and stagnant (which it does and often) … you replenish the glass with clean water and acclimate again and again.
Each time you are consumed by your emotions you can remember this metaphor and become the glass and the water being replenished … as a reminder to let the thoughts emotions flow through you.
I hope this helps
Always in Love & Light Star BEings
Have a great weekend wherever you are in the World

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