Spirit speaks in Metaphors … the Universal Language of all Creation is symbolic in Nature … metaphors are one human version of that symbolic language.
When we can relay a message in a pictorial movie style way … and the receiver of that message creates a personal Connection to that pictorial movie … they gain a deeper understanding of the symbolic meaning of the message, where all 5 senses of their are activated and experience the whole message so much more data/information is relayed & Understood.
The problem with this style of communication with the intelligent field of energy all around us is that We, as humans have a conscious mind that does not speak the language of Universe … it speaks the language of this physical reality … until we can teach that conscious part of us otherwise 😀
That intelligent field of energy … Source; Creator; Spirit; God … has a wicked sense humour when you have learnt to not take this life so personally!
Here’s an example of how this communication works and how we as humans need to allow time for the symbolism to unfold in its own way deep with our unconscious realms – this allows the symbolic meaning to be given to us in way we can understand, as we each experience this world differently.
Yesterday I was looking for my hairdryer … (a curly girl needs a hairdryer 😬) couldn’t find it anywhere … I asked spirit for some assistance!
About 20 mins later I had a vision of me getting electrocuted by a bolt of lightening … I looked up (cos it’s a human habit) and laughed whilst saying ‘I hope that’s metaphorical lightening and not the real thing!
… Still couldn’t find my hairdryer … it’s day 2 with now with no hairdryer … and this morning I had a flash of an image of me putting my hairdryer outside 🤷‍♀️ fuck knows why I did this 😂 I have no idea!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Today in the South Wales UK, it’s pissing it down ….
Spirit showed me a metaphorical symbol for a message that basically said “electricity & rain don’t mix and you will get a shock if you don’t go get your hairdryer … 🤦‍♀️ (stupid humans!)”
Now this is a roundabout way of getting a message to us … but that’s just how it works … we won’t ever be given the answer right out … we have got to do our part 🔥 the energy exchange is Universal Law !
So ….. I’m thinking is best to leave the hairdryer to dry out before attempting to using it, yeah? 😂😂
Cheers Spirit … love that you’re always there keeping me out of danger from myself 🔥😂

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