Your Souls Blueprint is your own personal ‘Soul Tracker’ it records all experiences your Soul has had, is having and will be having from each different splinter of yourself. This includes past lives. The human part of Us loves to get lost in the stories of past lives and often overlooks the lessons that are waiting to be seen and integrated.

Each incarnation we experience brings with it the past blocks, restrictions & lessons still needing to be seen and learnt … so if something wasn’t worked on in the last lifetime, that lesson will be imprinted into your DNA and will be activated when the time is right in this lifetime. The problem is that because we fall through the veil of forgetting when we incarnate here in the physical, we often aren’t consciously aware of the lessons following us around and We cannot release that which we are unaware of.

Your Soul Session will identify what blocks and restrictions you came into this lifetime with, where you are holding these block in your Being and the energy the block is manifesting through (anger, pain, ignorance etc.) with this information we are able to make that conscious and Unconscious link that allows the lesson to be seen and worked on. This is how we release Blocks and clear the Karmic Cycles playing out in our Blueprint.

As part of the Soul Session, we take a peek at the past life these blocks and restrictions were created and how many lifetimes you’ve been trapped in this Karmic Cycle (often 50+ incarnations) This glimpse into the past often reflects present life experiences, and you can see how the Wheel of Karma Truly works ….. it’s not at all what we think it is!

You also have the opportunity to Clear ALL blocks and Restrictions in your Records and begin again with a clean slate, Free from karmic recycling.

We also take a look at your Souls origins, what Star system dud your soul first go to when you split from The Creator, was Arcturus where High Intellect and Spiritual Wisdom in encoded within your DNA, maybe Plaiadies, who are the change makers, the front runners in the movement towards a New Earth. Mintakan Souls can feel so lost and disconnected from Gaia and long for a place they once called home, these MerPeople love the water, as long as its clear and they can see through it.

We also identify your unique energy and the Gift that are available to you through your connection to The Creator.

All of this information allows Us to know ourselves more deeply, to gain a true understanding of why we feel different, why we are here and what the biggest lessons we are here to learn so we can continue our Souls Growth & Expansion.

Details required – Full Name at Birth, Full Name Now, Date of Birth, Place of Birth.

It really is a Freeing Experience. Check out the video for more info on the Soul Session

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