Slow down Star Seed
The race is not real.
It lives in your mind and in your perceptions,
Both are fluid and flowing and capable of change … all you must do is break the seal.
You’ve had lifetimes on this journey … and you will have many more,
To experience … to perceive … to feel.
Slow down Star Seed
You think you’ve got to get there now,
When in truth,
You are already exactly where you are meant to be,
All you must do is ALLOW
You are Inside the Now you see …
Looking outward … looking onward .. But rarely looking In.
Too afraid of what you might find … all of the debris.
The debris is not what you think it to be …
The debris is the thing that will set your free.
Slow down Star Seed
Take a breath … take a pause … take a moment & experience this strange world you find yourself in,
you were once so eager to come you know … to see, to feel, to smell, to touch.
You agreed to forget … and then to remember.
Slow down Star Seed,
You’re missing the best part of your whole adventure …
Slow down Star Seed.
*artiat unknown

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