Personal Coaching is a powerful tool that one can use to assist with healing the Mind, Body & Soul. We are each at a time where we are being called to know ourselves more deeply, from a place few have ventured before. We are breaking down old belief structures and systems that are no longer viable for the self-aware Being seeking higher truths and higher perperceptions.

Personal Coaching allows you to work on the things that are currently causing you less than desirable results in life. these things will be unique to you in your expereince of them … yet similair to what the collective as a whole will be being called to shift.

I offer a range of services that work at each level of your Being – physcial, mental, emotional and spiritual, so these aspects of yourself can be brought into alignment and be attuned to the level of consciousness you are desiring to reach.

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Online courses are another powerful tool that we can use to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and modalities that are calling to us. personal coaching is not for everyone, some like to move through thier healing journey in thier own time on thier own, I too am one of these people.

As humans we often skim the surface, learning just enough to grasp the concept, yet not deep enough to pentrate the deeper meanings often hidden below the surface that we skim. to gain higher consciousness – which is my area of expertise – we have to delve deep into subject matters, to unlearn the conditoned beliefs we hold and learn new beliefs that support a higher truth and higher purpose.

I have created a range of online courses that will take you deeper into the realms of higher consciousness and spirituality, so you may remember Who you are, What you are and how you serve. these courses are encoded with frequncies from higher planbes of existence that will support you in letting go of the old and welcoming in the New.

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Books hold the frequency and consciousness of the authors who write them. When you read any book, regardless of format, you are holding far more than the knowledge they have shared with you. You hold the intention and the frequencies that match & uphold the intention of the author.

The intention for creating a series of E-Books is to share the wisdom I have gained through my own journey of personal and spiritual development over the past 17 years. Through the learning and parcticing the knoweldge and techniques I share in the pages of these books, I have achieved higher states of consciousness than I ever thought possible. my intention and purpose is to show you how to create a state of Being that represents the true essence of who and what you are. a divine being of Light.

I will be writing & sharing a series of e-books that will take you on a spiritual journey to the very core of BEing. ¬†these are not stories I share, they are Ancient teachings that will activate your Higher Mind and accelerate your ascension and awakening. these books will serve as User Manuals are you walk your own ascension pathways, they will guide you through the steps required and will train your Mind to beyond it’s current limatations.

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