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Hey! I AM Kayl – Ascension Coach & Conduit for Higher Consciousness 

My Higher Path & Purpose is to be a Source of Light and activate StarSeeds as they awaken to thier Spiritual Essence. . I have been walking this path with unseen Will & Relentlessness since I was 18 years. Not that I was always Conscious of my Spiritual Calling, but i knew i was here for something important. Something Bigger than myself. I walked this path with my Unconscious Mind working with Source Intelligence to navagate me where I needed to be to expereince, learn, forgive, strenghten & to Love despite all that had transpired in my short years on Earth. Every successful initation woke me up a little bit more!

I have studied deep into The Mind – of the individual, groups, structures & society, i study Ancient teachings & Practices, Astrology and energy sytems, Multidimensionality, Astral Projection, Sacred Symbols and Myths (to name a few) with an obessive curiosity … the newest venture is Akashic Soul Realignement & 7th Dimension Transference Healing.

The Need to Know More of who I am and why I am here, how the world works & why it is the way it is has been a driving force since I turned 18. 17 years of dedictaed exploration of Why the fuck are we Here!!

I have a honours degree in Community Development, Sociology & Psychology. I am a Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist & Meditation Practioner with ABNLP. I am a Reiki Master, Energy Worker & Healer. Activator for Devine Energies & Frequencies, seeker of lost Knowledge & Truth & Mystery School Initiate The shortned version is – I am a Ascension Coach, here to guid my star brothers & sisters towards the Light.

I have died and rebirth more times than I  can count in this lifetime. And I thrive within this space transformation.  I am now stepping forward to show others, just like you, how’s it done with ease, enjoyment & most importantly Love. So your Ascension into the Higher Realms of  Consciousness is aligned to your souls Blueprint & You can Leave the trappings of the Physcial world behind and learn to play with the infinite intelligence and Manifest your souls desires 


This Journey is not for you at this time if ...


You have Just awoken from your thrid dimension slumber – Shadow work is an Alchemical process of transmutation. Inner work & Knowing must be done before this stage of the Journey can begin.


You are still Exisiting & Living outside of yourself – not sure if you are? if you look to others for blame, to punish, get pay back, with hate. You are still projecting rather than accepting responsibility.


Wanting others to do the work for you – any growth, expansion & transformation that was done for you will be shortlived. You haven’t transmuted & integrated the changes if you’ve relient on another to get you there!


Unable to practice & show self-love*-  If this is not yet possible for you then Shadow Work will be too overwhelming for you. I have starred this bullet point because it is essential for you to consider.


Shadow Work should not be attempted by those who – have debiltating self-worth or struggle with self-loathing.  I emphatically & professionally warn you against doing so.

. Why? If you struggle with extremely poor & unstable self-worth, exploring your Shadow land has the potential for lasting damage within the Unconscious Mind ( in the form of PTSD or other mental health conditons)

Before you walk this path, you absolutely must establish a foundational strength to work from and have started your healing journey.


Unable to be accountable for yourself & your Life expereinces – accountability & acceptance is of paramount importance. you will not be able to intergrate the shadow from a place of non-accaptance & unaccountability.


You’re looking for a Quick & Easy Transformation – this is not a quick fix! It is a lifestyle choice. meaning that it must become part of your daily, weekly, montly & yearly life, for the rest of your Life.

You have lived many lifetimes and each lifetime you have accumulated Karma, which will be paid back by the Soul.  When you have Transmuted & Integrated your shadow, more will always surface. because you are an infinite being of Ancient Origins. There is always more work to be done. We are never done and nor should we want to be!


This Journey is for you if ...


You are Consciously Walking the Spiritual Path – if you are Awake & Aware of your spiritual nature & the nature of the Multiverse we live in. And you accept & welcome these parts, then this Journey will Empower, Heal & Activate more of your Spiritual Self.


You have heard the shadow calling – Whetehr the calling be that of a whisper or a force tug at your mind. If the shadow is speaking, it means it is time in your Awakwning to progress to the next stage. This is what you’ve been asking for remember!… There is no Bypassing the ascension process. if you attempt to you will be recycled back into the Matrix to walk this path again & again until you walk it with integrity.


You’re feeling Lost & Inactive – The feelings felt at this stage vary from soul to soul. Feelings of fear and shame, confusion, retreat, self-doubt, giving up & completely Lost in the rabbit hole of overwhelm. Please Know these feelings are pushing you towards Integration, they feel relentless because it is the only step available to you Now if you are serious & committed to your Exapansion & Ascension journey.


You’re ready to – improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Unlock more of your creative Potential & Power. Connect to & Integrate your Lower & Higher Self. Archetypes and Inner child.

Anchor more of your Soul into the Physcial realm to Activate your Gifts and Talents. Anchor and hold more light within your Etheric Body to assist in the expansion of the Unity Christ Consciousness Grid and Ascension of Gaia.


If you’re done shrinking who you are to fit into a reality you have outgrown – there comes a time when you just have to say F**k It … and despite any fears, worries, concerns you may be holding onto, you just F**king Do what your soul is demanding you to do. 

This feeling will not go away for long. You either choose to step through the fear & resistance barrier you feel and have faith that source Has Got You ALWAYS … or … you can return to your 3D Life…possibly beating yourself up becasue The Matrix has you once more.


You would not hear the calls of Your Shadow if you were not ready for the Integration to place. We are never Given more than we can handle or more than we are ready for. Have Faith in the Devine Plan you are being guided through. And Most importantly Trust Yourself. You are a Powerful Being of Light, here to Awaken yourself and then the world.

What does the Inner alchemy Journey look like?

Shamanic Ceromony & Healing

Shmanic Rituals, Ceromony & Healing will be used throughout the Journey.

Shamanic healing is a ancient practice & tradition and is still practiced throughout the Indigieous Peoples. It includes many different spiritual practices to heal the spiritual aspect of problems and illness. The main causes of illness, as a shaman sees it, is the loss of soul fragments, the loss of personal power and the presence of misplaced energy or spiritual blockages.

Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual alchemy is not about transmuting base metals into gold but rather it’s the secret science of illumination and Inner Liberation

spiritual alchemy is multi-faceted & focused on freeing your spiritual self which becomes trapped within the body by the conditoning and Structure of Physcial Reality . these include fears, disempowering beliefs & self condenment. Spiritual alchemy occur in a 7 step process which will be blended within the Journey you are going to take.

True & Lasting Transformation occurs when all Aspects of The Self are Integrated, moving away from Illusionof Separation and into reality Unity. Integration is a Purification process a Alchemy Transmutation takes place within your Physcial Body that activates dormant codons in your DNA and activates and anchors more of your Mental, Etheric & Spiritual Body into the physcial Realm.

This opens the connection to your Multidimensonality Aspects and your Spiritual Gifts & Talents you have acheived in previous lifetimes.


This 6 week programme will guide you through the Integration process and bring you into  Balanced Alignment that will allow you to step into your Spiritual Power & the next level of your Ascension Journey.

*Please Note this is a guideline to the programme. I am a Highly Intutive Coach & Healer and the sessions will delivered with Devine Guidance. All topics will be covered, they may just change around depending depending on the Energy of the session, any gudiaance & healing asking to come through. And ultimately how you, my beautful Clients walk this Journey with me. Structure is a good base-line but i work best when felxibility and intution guide me.


Week One -The 4 Vibrations of Integration, Shadow Lands, Archetypes, Higher & Lower Aspects of Self. Mudras & Meditations

Week Two – Walking the Shadow Lands. Integrating Lower & Shadow Self. Meet the Archetypes. Sacred Symbol healing Meditation & Any Spiritual Guidance & Healing being called through.

Week Three – Inner-Child Healing & Integration. Inner child Play. Surrendering to the Devine, Sacred Symbol healing & Meditation. & Any Spiritual Guidance & Healing being called through. 

Week Four – Higher Self Integration, Sexual Energy Clearing. Energy Codes & Energy Running, Mudra Meditation + Any Spiritual Guidance & Healing being called through. 

Week Five – The Matrix Reality, Duality & Polarity Perspective, Multidimensional reality & Nesting Doll Activation. Mudra Meditation. + Any Spiritual Guidance & Healing being called through. 

Week Six – Unity Consciouness. Bringing all you have gained and transmuted together. Full Chakra Activation, 6D-3D Manifestation Training. MerKaBa Magic – Understanding your Merkaba and stargate Ascension.

Due to the Nature of this Integration Journey it is essential that you are ready for what will transpire. A Coaching Call will need to be scheduled to discuss your enrolement. If you are not quite ready for this Journey, I have other journeys and Courses that will prepare for this quatum leap in your Ascension Process. 

Your Well-Being is of paramount importance to me! Send me a message to Book your Free Call.

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Lots of Tools, Guidance, Activations, Meditations, Hypnotherapy Healing Sessions, channelled messages & a shit load of Support in this Sacred Space.

A beautiful blend of Science, Spirit & Soul to fully understand & embody Yourself, Your reality and The Universe

Knowledge sharing is a kep aspect of my Coaching & Healing Journey. Knowledge is Light … New Knowledge activates dormant memories, healing, talents & gifts.

When we connect & come together we amplify the Energy & the Light … plus the more of us there are, the less crazy we feel! (well …. that would be down to your perception of crazy … I personal love to embrace my wild & crazy)


See you in there Beautiful BEing.

‘Shadow Land Journey’

Your Soul Retriveal

Inner Healing – Shadow & Light Integration

Spiritual Activations, Growth & Empowerment

Sacred Symbol Healing & Energy Work

Spiritual Coaching


ONLY £333

*payment plan available

Here’s what past Group Coaching Souls said …


Science Transformation


Soul transformation

Spirit Transformation

Do You Often Ask yourself – Who Am I? Do you know that Astrology holds many of the answers to this question?

You are more than just your Sun Sign … but rather you embody each zodiac in different areas of your life.

Would you like to know what was written in the Stars the moment you were born? Do you want to know what makes you You?

I’m Holding The Stars & Their Secrets Workshop to walk you through the Astrology system – The Houses, The Planets & The zodiacs and the secrets held within your Natal Chart.

Astrology change my Life. I had been seaching for the long asked & unanswered question “Who Am I” for over 30 years and all the answers I was searching for were hidden within the stars all along.

The Stars & Thier Secrets Workshop will be held Via Zoom and is Only £22

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Inner Alchemy for Manifestation

As we access more of our soul-self, we alter our state of BEing through all dimensions, meaning the old way of manifesting, is just that, an old way. We are so much more now.


We are creatures of Manifestation. We are in a constant state of manifesting and we do so from our state of Being…Our I AM presence! We now operate from higher consciousness and we’re living in the new Age of Aquarius… which means manifestation occurs more rapidly! To ensure we manifest what we actually want, a constant state of High vibration needs to be achieved… and let’s be honest … we don’t have time to be in a ‘manifestation ritual’ all day every day, do we? There is an ascension we are moving through, which takes precedence!


But what if we don’t have to carry out these ‘manifestation rituals’ for hours and hours and we just allow our State of Being to magnetise to us what is desired and in alignment??


You Manifest Who You Are … it is your state of Being that determines your vibrational broadcast out to source and it is your vibrational broadcast that determines the energy you attract back to you! and no amount of positive affirmations or meditations can alter the state of Being if you still hold distortions and lower energies within you!

“As within – so Without”


We are Multidimensional Beings of light … and we must now approach life in a Multidimensional way.


As we progress through the higher realms of consciousness, new awareness and understanding is made available to us. Everything we know from our limited 3d perspective can now be understood at a much deeper level…including manifestation. The ‘old way’ of manifesting, where you write your goal/s down 50 times, say positive affirmations to support your goal and meditate on it … is no longer viable for our multi-dimensional consciousness. I for one found this way to have little success, because once I stepped outside of the ‘manifesting ritual’ I returned to my normal state of Being, which was not a vibrational match for what I was asking for. 



I have Channelled through just that … a multidimensional approach to Manifestation, which includes – 

-Understanding of the metaphysical universe we live in & the laws that govern manifestation

-Understanding your 12 Chakra system and how to work through the chakras

-Shadow work and integration through a powerful 7th dimensional healing modality

-Ascension chakra activation, Soul-Star activation and Higher-Self Merge

-Activating the 12 rays of consciousness to support your Ascension

-Learn to run Energy & Circulate Light through the body to awaken your Higher consciousness

 -Create your own Power Pyramid in the 5th Dimension for focused manifestation

-Pendulum programming to your higher Self so only aligned divine truth & accuracy is given

-Dowsing protocol to know your current energetic blocks to manifesting

-Dowsing protocol to determine goals and action that are in alignment to your highest purpose & path

-Crystals and crystals grids to amplify your manifestations in the physical realm … plus they are super pretty. 


This is so much more than learning how to manifest … this is your opportunity to learn the art of Inner alchemy so you may transform your state of Being, as required during your ascension journey.


After completion of this programme, you will have the understanding, knowledge, tools and confidence to stay in a constant state of alignment, so you are always Manifesting from the highest vibrational state available. And when your come out of alignment (which is part of the process) you’ll know exactly what to do to bring yourself back into alignment.


The Inner Alchemy programme is designed to be used again and again. Repetition is how re-programme our mental, emotional and physical aspects. 



All of this for ONLY £222 …Two payment of £111.

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