Tools have been used by spiritual masters for a millennia, spiritual tools are presented in many different forms in our modern world and they are practical items that help us discover and nurture our inner being and reach a state of inner-peace.

Tools have been used for thousands of years to enhance meditation, rituals, clearing and cleansing and can be used a conduit for higher energies to ground your intentions into the physical realm.

When we work with spiritual tools we connect to the beings that are rooted within the spiritual tool being created, we gain access to higher energies through their connection to the higher realms.

The more we work with spiritual tools, the more energy that is help within each piece being used. I like my spiritual tools to be functional and attractive, so they will appear to be out of place in your home. They become a center piece that your eyes will fall on again and again, which will strengthen your connection and your spiritual practices.

Smudging feathers are a great ally to work with, they encourage the clearing of heavy negative energies from yourself and the spaces you live in. they can be used to open and close sacred space for rituals, as well as being used as a conduit to connect you with the spirit realms and channel through higher light frequencies and ground them into the physical realm.

The crystals adorned on the neck of the smudge stick allow the crystal to programmed with specific intentions for your spiritual practices, crystals are a must have as you walk the ascension path.

Check out the smudging feather in Mindhive Soul Art – each one holds a channeled message and speaks in details of the properties of all components of the sacred spiritual tool.

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