I feel the fog finally lifting … the dense energies we have all been experiencing and moving through are starting to release … allowing the mind to gain much need clarity and focus.
Be sure to know that during this time of ‘forgetfulness’ we have been releasing core blocks that go beyond our conscious awareness … we do not always have to know all that goes on in the realm of unconscious … sometimes is best to just leave it to its work and just become aware of the changes made when you see, sense and hear them consciously.
The conscious mind is always playing ‘catch up’ to the unconscious processes and changes that are made … it’s far easier to change when we allow the processes to run without our conscious interference.
Each of you have been doing the inner work required to release old wounds and blocks … this period of denseness’ has been anchoring your healing & integrations into the physical realm
You will start feeling this energy lift in the next few days … although feeling ‘lost’ may linger for a little longer.

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