The Science to Being Happy

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A proven method that creates lasting change

The Knowledge, tools and techniques shared in this Course provide a catalyst for transformation, in an enhanced way compared to other programs and courses out there

In-Depth Knowledge of the Universe and your Place in it

By embarking on this journey to happiness you will need a new mind to think with. You will gain a deeper understanding of how the Universe works and how you work within Our Universe.

Knowledge, tools and techniques that will allow you to make the changes you want to make!

With New knowledge we can create a chain-reaction within our Minds and Bodies that allow us ride the waves of change instead of drown in them.

Over 20 hours of recorded content

The art of transformation can not be passed on in a few hours, there is not enough substance within a small time frame to create lasting change!  So i’ve created 20+ Hours of recorded content along with study books & coaching material that will guide through each and every part of this Journey.

Bespoke Hypnosis & Meditation tracks

Hypnosis & Meditation are powerful tools for Transformation, as they work with your Conscious & Unconscious Mind. When there is syneregy between these parts of you, Transformation can be achieved with ease and way more Grace! You will get access to a Hypnosis audio & Guided meditation written and recorded specifically for this program & the changes it will provoke within You – to further support you in making those changes you want to make.

A Free Gift

A Free gift – something that changed my life for the better many years ago, which I would like to share with each and every one of you. Remember Knowledge is Power – Power over the Self is the Power we will create together!


It was only when I began learning the Science behind the human mind & body that I realised everything we had been taught about Happiness was an illusion. An illusion that has been passed down for so long from one generation to the next, that we forget it was an illusion and thought it was real!

We’ve been told to look in all the wrong places for Happiness … when there is in fact a scientific method & structure to follow … a blueprint so to speak … that will lead us directly to the source of Authentic Happiness.

Utilising my knowledge, skills & experiences as an NLP Master Coach & Master Hypnotherapist, I bring to you the Blueprint to unlearn all that you thought to be true, so you can recreate yourself and your reality in a new way, in a new light, from a new place!

You’re going to unlearn being You, So you can learn to Be a New You !


1 review for The Science to Being Happy

  1. Happy Client

    I ran out of options, books, YouTube videos and people to talk to to name only a few.
    I knew deep down that there is more to life, more ways of looking at situations , i just didn’t know why and how.
    With that the Science of being happy appeared on my newsfeed.
    After some contemplation i decided to do it and give it my best shot with the intention to transform into the person who I am supposed to be, I was rock bottom , drinking , taking drugs from whoever i could get them from thoughts of ending my existence with no way of seeing out of this ‘dark’ feeling the one that goes wherever you go, the constant burn in your stomach.

    An informative , interesting ,and enjoyable course, what comes with this is the realisation that its going to be a bumpy ride i had years of mis programming and belief systems i was holding on to, the reason we hold on to these beliefs is all apparent as you go through the work.

    You’ll find out how to navigate through your emotions and feelings and also understand why they are here and have no use for the current life you wish to desire and live.

    Believe me when i say its worth it, you’ll approach life in way that’s unrecognisable , incredible sometimes when you look back at an incident that has happened and think to yourself ‘wow, I didn’t react the way I used to’

    Highly recommended for those who truly want to transform themselves from a deep that this course will provide.

    Healing is the key to fulfilling a life you know in your heart you deserve , a life where you are finally at peace and can enjoy the good times and handle the not so good times.

    You’ll adopt a mindset of knowing that investing in yourself will reap rewards for your future as those heavy , slow negative thoughts and feelings won’t be pulling you down anymore, the internal pain and suffering will vanish.

    The old me is finally dissolving away and making room for who i really am and who i want to be, i live in a state of wonderment and excited curiosity as to where life is going to take me.

    Do the work and this’ll be the best money you have ever spent and the effects will be a lifestyle change and external gratification simply won’t do it for you anymore because you already hold that within you.

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