Private Oracle Reading


Private oracle readings are an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding your life and spiritual journey that you have thus far been unable to answer. The impressions received come from your own higher aspect and allow you to ‘hear’ the truths that will shift your thinking and consciousness.

The private session involves me stepping into your energy field so I can tune into your higher aspects to see what you want to know at a higher level and to see your current relationship with the energies that you are currently experiencing.

To help ‘hone’ in on the energies you want to work with you can prepare 3 questions that you would like answered. This will allow me to tune into the higher purpose of your current issues and the deep-rooted beliefs that attached that are currently holding you back.

This information allows you to become aware, at a conscious level of any patterns that are playing out and preventing you from lifting beyond where you currently are.

Private readings do not involve you being told what to do or predicting your future outcomes but rather to help you move into aligned thinking. When your mind is aligned to higher consciousness through conscious awareness you have a much easier time moving beyond your current position and into the solution that every problem holds.


The role I play in this process is intuiting your needs at a higher level … which is not always what we want to hear … but often it is this ‘undesirable’ information that allows for the biggest shifts to occur in our consciousness.

My physic abilities have always been very prominent in my life, although always under my conscious awareness. Since my true awakening in 2017 I have been consciously working with my physic abilities, learning how to access and expand them and now they play a role in my coaching.

My abilities allow me to step into and read people, what they are feeling and the train of thought attached to that feeling, which allows me to become aware of what is needed at a higher level to help them move past something that is blocking their way.

This intuitive channel first opened when I began oracle readings using oracle cards and from there, the more I trusted what came through and the more confirmation I got about the accuracy of information from the people I was reading, the less I required the cards to read. Now oracle cards or any tool is no longer needed for me to step in and read peoples fields … and I am now being called to offer this service to my fellows.


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