The Breakthrough


The Breakthrough Experience is the ultimate transformational coaching package available and we work together over 4 months.  A deep dive into your Unconscious Realm to uncover the programmes running at your core and change the outdated limiting values, beliefs and habits into empowering and positive ones. We work with two life areas (business, realtionships, spirituality, health & fitness, family, personal development) and bring these areas into alignment with you want to be and how you want to live your life.

This coaching modality will shift your consciousness from 3d into 5d … and allow you to fully step into your spiritual aspects, talents & gifts. Whilst aligning you with your higher-Self and Divine soul Expression.


The Ultimate self-improvement Coaching you will ever come across. Something is holding you back, that feeling of despair just lingers and you can’t quite put your finger on the reason for it, can you?

The Breakthrough Experience will open your eyes to exactly what has been holding you back, preventing you from filling that void you feel. Together we will eliminate those blocks and fill the void so you can be free to enjoy your life.

Why invest? –

How would it feel to

-Become aware of what’s been missing

-Remove those ‘problem’ areas

-Focus on what is most important to you

-Feel the way you want to feel

-Be who you want to be

-Do what you want to do

-Have what you want to have

Are you ready to leave your past behind and step forward into your future? Are you ready to try another way? Do you want lasting results that will change the way you feel and the life you live?


If you hear yourself saying any of these …


“I just can’t move past …”

“Why do I keep doing that?”

“I wish I could …”

“Part of me wants … & part of me doesn’t...

“I’ll deal with it later …”

“I wonder if other people feel like this?”

Then The Breakthrough Experience is the missing piece you’ve been searching for.



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