Chakra Healing


Chakra Healing

The Chakras are the gateway to all spiritual experiences, they are our channel that allows the Divine to move through us and from us. The Chakras are more than just vortex’s of energy spinning … they are the foundational structure that our entire BEing is built from, the energetic blueprint that holds all the information we need for our Healing and Spiritual Evolution.

The problem is that we have not been taught this information in the western World, it has been kept from the masses for eons of time … yet, we now live in a World that is ready to seek, learn and grow.

The Chakras hold many spiritual secrets and this knowledge is now available to those who are Awake, Aware and Aligning to their highest purpose and path and actively engaged in the Collective Ascension of humankind.

If you are seeking a deeper level of healing … seeking a deeper level of knowing yourself … and are ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole … this Chakra Healing workshop is for you.

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This Chakra healing workshop was created as part of the 'Inner Alchemy' spiritual coaching programme I created in 2019, this programme is an advanced spiritual programme designed for Higher Self integration. I was guided by the Divine to pull the Chakra and Archetype sections of this coaching programme as the Collective Consciousness calls out for deeper levels of healing.

In this third/fourth dimensional reality we are mostly functioning from instinct and in a semi-aware state, or unconsciously reacting to events that stem from our own thoughts and through our own actions... we drift and coast or are pushed and pulled along the path of least resistance, a path that we have been unconsciously creating since our birth We can easily see ourselves as victims when things do not go well and as “lucky” when they do.

Humans are driven by fear and guilt, and are preoccupied with the failures of the past and apprehensions of the future ... which are just preconceived ideas that have been unconsciously programmed into our Being through the mechanisms that hold this Reality together. When we learn to detach from the Conditioned Mind and connect with the Higher Mind, we begin expediting this reality from the perspective of the Higher Mind plays. We see the subtle connections, we look for the growth rather than the shortcomings. We evolve beyond the box we have each been placed in. Understanding your Chakra system - which is a mechanism that keeps you anchored into the physical realm, as well as connecting you to the spiritual realms - you can begin releasing unconscious conditioning and allow your Soul to come through and guide you more easily and effortlessly on your Ascension Pathway.

What you will get from this workshop

  • in-depth knowledge of the 12 Chakra system - each Chakra activates and certain age and our nature human behaviours illuminate which Chakra is acting and coming Online. (really handy information when you're raising children)
  • the archetypical energies that are invoked when the chakras activate & come Online and how to recognise which archetypical role you are playing.
  • a healing journey that will help you release the conditioned parts of you and assist you in integrating Higher aspects of yourself.
  • 5+ hours of recorded content & workbooks that have been created specifically for your healing
  • lifetime access

Your consciousness will refine more and more as you progress in Spiritual awareness and development  ...  and you will begin developing an acute awareness and sensitivity to the subtle vibrations and rhythm of Creation itself. This will allow you to begin flowing more easily & effortlessly with the Ascension into higher realms of existence.


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