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Beliefs are the building blocks to reality. Each and every belief you hold has created an aspect of your reality. Most of our Beliefs are programmed into us from Childhood, a time when we had less conscious awareness so these beliefs were easily installed into programming of the unconscious mind. Many beliefs we hold are harmful to our well-Being, they keep us trapped in a state of fear, of pain, of unhappiness. We feel disconnected when these beliefs are influencing all that we think, feel and do.



When we remove the Blocks within Us … We allow more of the Soul to come In. Your beliefs are the foundations that are holding your reality in place… beliefs are the ‘Codes’ of our internal structures. You are the most powerful operating system this World will ever see … and each belief you hold determines the level in which you play the Game of Life.

The beautiful thing about beliefs is that they can be changed, they can upgrade to align more with where you want to Be in life. To ensure these beliefs are changed at the Mainframe level we work directly with your Unconscious Mind and direct it to alter the deep rooted beliefs, so any belief stemming of from that deep rooted one will also fall away.

During the Session Kaylea will direct you towards the deep rooted beliefs you hold, often these beliefs have not been recognised by you because they were created before your Conscious Awareness, and have been built upon your whole life.  When we work with the right Belief, a ripple effect occurs within your Being and many things that no longer serving you can fall away. We then install the New Belief that is most aligned to your highest path and purpose, so you can start operating from this space of Light and Higher Consciousness.

This is a Soul Upgrade … and you will feel the Upgrade instantaneously.

There are many Beliefs installed into You by the Matrix and a Soul Upgrade will allow You to Change (or Recode) the programmes that are running from painful and traumatic experiences into Beliefs that are powerful, transformational and will make you feel good.

We work with 3 beliefs during one session.

To gain a deeper understanding of this process check out the video

4 reviews for Belief System Upgrade

  1. Carley C

    I would highly recommend Kaylea and her services. My first session was amazing and everything was very accurate to who I am and some things I already knew she confirmed. I suffer from anxiety and swear I felt considerably better the moment after my session. I also the think time and effort put in by Kaylea was well worth the money. She was very thorough and attentive. I definitely plan on doing more work with her in the future!

  2. Theresađź’ž

    I had a soul reading just amazing kayle is amazing woman so very talented in her work so very kind and sweet , everything k said resonated with me it blew my mind I will be back to work with kayle again in the future

  3. shanna

    wow … I had my first belief change session with keyless and i’ve got to say, who knew beliefs were so important, they are never spoken about in our society, yet when Kaylea start asking me questions to get to the root belief I was amazed and how she was able to break down the belief I held to a deeper level within. I am not an emotional person, yet I was crying after each belief was changed – I felt the change within me instantly and the emotions just came to the surface,

    it was the biggest emotional release I’ve had in years, and feel I am no longer holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. I will be coming back for more, ive never felt this clear, and happy in decades. thank you Kaylea

  4. Emma Woodburn

    Wow is all I can say. Had the most amazing soul session. I now have more understanding of my patterns and behaviours and also what can really bring me happiness in my day to day life. Great to learn me and Kaylea have experienced a past life togther and I already knew she was an amazing teacher but it seems we have already walked this path togther! So excited to work more with her on my path of healing and growing xxxx

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