Astrology Master Class ~ learn the language of the soul


LIVE ASTROLOGY MASTER CLASS – learn the language of the soul

11th November 2021 6.30pm UK time

A recording of the Master Class will be made available to you with lifetime access.

This Master Class combines traditional & kabbalistic astrology, I blend the teachings of both, as both hold truth and both can assist us in better understanding who we are and what we have come here to transform and share.

Astrology is the language of the soul and through it we can develop a deeper connection with The Creator.

What you will learn by the end of this Masterclass A deeper understanding of your birth chart, including –

  • Your Sun, Moon & Rising signs and how they impact & influence your life
  • Your South & North Nodes – what they mean for you (past life / present life)
  • The Planets – how they influence our chart and our lives
  • The Houses – each area of your life is goverened by a sign, what sign yuou have in each house will tell you how you approach that life area
  • How to communicate more effectively with your loved one and the people in your life
  • Your emotional triggers and how to overcome them
  • The family of signs and their internal energies – (Aries is a fire sign with an internal water sign)
  • The driving force of each sign – the force that is motivating your entire life
  • The best career choices for you
  • Compatatibility with others signs



This was a question that haunted me for too long ... so I went and sought the answers in many corners of the world through many different teachings and Astrology gave me answer no other body of teachings did.

Astrology teaches us the subtle and not so subtle energies that are at play in our lives. We are each born under a specific and purposely chosen birth chart that our soul, our higher-self choose to assist us in this lifetime.

  • Our birth chart shows us an array of strengths & weaknesses that we were each born with.

our birth chart can also show us –

  • Our Traits and motivation
  • Career recommendations
  • How to communicate with each sign

When we know why we are motivated and what traits are inherent to our own nature we can begin to let go of any limiting beliefs and opinions we hold about ourselfs and the things we believe to be ‘wrong’ with us.

For me personally, Astrology was a game-changer that allowed me to fully embrace my personality ‘quirks’ and the traits that I have used all my life without recognising them for what they were.

In the most simplistic way possible … astrology helped me know myself at soul level and from there on out … it became easier to love myself for myself.


Traditional Astrology alone only whet my appetite, but I still felt there were aspects of my soul’s journey that I wasn’t seeing within traditional astrology, I knew there were deeper messages hidden within our birth charts.


So I turned to Kabbalistic Astrology which is astrology of the Soul. Kabbalistic astrology teaches us that each Soul is here to achieve three key things –

  • Desire – Reincarnantion & Purpose
  • Soul Coreection – known by many as Karma
  • To integrate the elements and energies of our chart to reveal more of the light

Star Beings, StarSeeds & lightworkers have come here for a Higher Purpose than the average soul, we have a deeper drive and need to know the whispers of the soul we can hear pulling us forwards … towards the highest path and purpose for you. Kabblaistic astrology is astrology for Star People … it reveals the technology of the Soul, so we can awaken more of our Divine aspect here in our physical reality.

Do you want to know

-What your soul purpose & mission is?  - Know as Tikkun in Kabbalah

-What your spiritual goals are? - What you are here to transform within yourself?

-How to activate & use the gifts of your birth chart?

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