Creating space between the thoughts that we think…the emotions created by those thoughts that we’re thinking and the actions that follow the thoughts and the feelings.
The space we can create between these three things – thoughts, feelings & actions – allows us to become aware of the programs attempting to play out.
I’m order for us to be different … we have to think differently. When we think differently … we feel differently … and when we feel different our behaviors and actions will also be different…. Giving us different results to what we have experienced before.
Our programs operate below our conscious awareness … meaning that the conscious parts of us – the part of you that is reading these words in your head – is aware of only what you place your awareness on.
Your awareness is your consciousness
What you think about regularly is what you find most important … whether you actually believe it to be important or not is irrelevant, just the very act of placing your awareness on a thought is what determines if it’s important to you.
The things about thoughts that most don’t comprehend is this –
Just because you think something … doesn’t make it true!
What makes the thoughts true for you … is your focus on that thought … and the emotions you then link to that thought.
Now the thought has been linked to an emotion … it becomes integrated into your BEing through the actions and behaviors that follow the now connected thought and feeling.
This is how we program ourselves … through 3 separate steps
Yet, these 3 separate steps appear to be just one thing … they appear to play out at the same time … with no differentiation between them.
We can easily become lost in the programming and we believe whatever the programming is playing out is US and is TRUE … and there’s nothing that can be done to change it.
Practicing the pause … or creating space allows you to pull apart the program … so you can begin seeing it for what it really is.
Creating space means that you stretch out the programs of thoughts, feelings and behavior … so you can begin picking it apart.
All you have do to change your internal programming is to change just one thing within the ‘set’ program and that program will no longer ‘play out’ …
by changing one thing you would have stopped the conversation your neurological network was having with each part required for the program to play out:
What most people do … through no fault of their own -it’s just a matter of not having the right knowledge – is this …
They work to change the behavior with no awareness to the feelings and the original thoughts attached to that behavior.
So the behavior can be changed slightly … yet it is still held within the same energetic frequency of the original behavior – for example instead of hitting a person… they hit a wall … The behavior is still the same – being physical … they are just consciously focused on NOT hitting another person … but they are still hitting something.
Attempting to change the emotion and nothing else has the same ineffective results …
For example – when we feel one thing like being bothered by something external to us and then we start telling others and ourselves we are not bothered by that thing anymore … lying doesn’t actually stop you from being bothered – you can tell yourself all you like that you’re not bothered but really you are…
This doesn’t change the program … it merely adds more layers to the programming itself … because now you’ve linked more emotions to the programming and brought in more distortions to cover the real problem … the real reason why it actually bothered you.
Practice the pause … is a tool that can be used by the consciously aware self to assess the internal structures that are operating the human being that you are.
We now know that our programming – the way we think, feel and act – happens in three stages
Thoughts create emotions…Emotions create actions and behaviors … actions and behaviors are what we use to move through this construct we all reside in.
Working at the level of emotions and actions doesn’t alter the internal programming … because the programming does not begin with an emotion or an action … programming begins with a thought … A SINGLE THOUGHT
That thought began as a single energetic thought form that existed beyond the world of matter … in the ethers that are invisible to human eye …
Your awareness to it … ‘seeing the thought … hearing the thought’ pulled that thought from the ethers and into your BEingness
Then your body responded/reacted to this thought … through your conditioning and experiences you would have established an opinion about this one thought … and then felt that opinion through your physical vessel via your emotions – you agreed with it and to it in some way.
Now you’ve given this thought your most precious commodity – your conscious awareness – this thought is linked to you … and with repeated awareness… constantly thinking about this thought … you begin installing this thought into your being.
Repetition is how we program ourselves.
For example – you were sat minding your own business, eating a sandwich … millions of thoughts moving through your head and one stands out more than any other … like an echo of a passed memory
“You’re worthless”
You hold your awareness on this statement “you’re worthless”
Your prolonged awareness of it now sends your unconscious part on a mission to find the echo’s of this statement within your being … The results come through like a tidal wave …
I heard this statement when I was 4, then again when I was 6 through 8. Then more echo’s surface … my teacher told me this in school … I failed those job interviews … my partner left me …
And you think these thoughts repeatedly for hours, days, weeks, years … consistently ‘updating’ this program into your BEingness.
All of these ‘echo’s’ are stacking up the evidence that you have collected over your lifetimes … and showing you YES you’re right … you’re worthless.
Not because your unconscious dislikes you … how could it, it is you! But because that is what it has been fed … and as a neutral party – not having an opinion on positive and negative – it just takes what you give and stores it for future use.
Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true … your repeated awareness and acceptance of it is the only thing that makes it true for you.
In order to change the internal programming that make up who we are … we must work at the level that holds the most influence … the first stage of the programming protocol
The level of thought … the level of mind!
When we can create space between what we think and what we feel … and we unlearn all of the conditioning that has made up our programming … we can alter the feelings that we feel and the actions that we display.
I work at the level mind … I work with myself and my clients at the level of mind to teach them how to alter their own thoughts … which changes the way they feel and the way they act.
Everything operates within the realm of the unconscious … yes we say that 95% of your life is unconscious and 5% is conscious
But what we really mean is 100% of your life is unconscious and you get a 5% conscious view of that 100% unconscious programming.
By practicing the pause … creating space … you open up more of your unconsciousness to your consciously aware self … much like pulling back a curtain to take a fuller view of the room it hides.
Become consciously aware of the thoughts that you repeatedly think … these are the thoughts that are controlling the internal programming going on within you.
It doesn’t matter how you got these programs … we are moving past the need to know why we experience all that we do … we are moving into the time to do something about the internal programs that are creating dis-ease within us:
Here’s a task I give all my private clients … it’s simple yet effective … and it’s called THE SHIT LIST
for the next month … write down all your repetitive thoughts … use the notes app on your phone. Every thought that you repeatedly think
“I’m not good enough”
“I’m useless”
“I’m scared”
At the end of the month you will have a shit list of unhelpful programming that you have installed through your awareness and belief of them.
Now, pick one statement and start to pull it apart
Is this true? Why do I believe this to be true? What evidence do I have that this isn’t true? Does this belief help me or hinder me? Does this belief make me feel good or bad? Do I want this belief?
Then, choose a new belief you want to change it into – I’m useless becomes “i am worthy and loved”
Now comes the challenging part that has most running for the hills … every time you become aware of the old thought you have to tell the old thought the new thought … No, I’m worthy and loved remember”
And repeat this until the old thought becomes the new thought.
It is simple … yet simplicity is something humans don’t quite grasp.
To change your world … you must change your words
Thoughts are merely words that are existing in the ether … your awareness and resonance to the words you think and use are what make them true for you.
Change your thoughts and the rest of your BEing will follow

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