The only way to be truly a Service to Others BEing is to fill ourselves completely with the Vibration of Divine Love.

The first act of service to others is an act of service to Self.

We serve ourself first, by filling our own BEing with Love … this is achieved by the healing path each of us currently walk.

From this ‘Full’ state of BEing we then overflow with this Divine Love and be of Service to Others who seek that Divine Love frequency.

Healing is never completed in this realm … so we do not have to be ‘fully healed’ to be of service to others … however we have to have healed many of our wounds to be able to allow that flow of Love from us to remain untainted by the Ego Mind.

When many wounds have healed and we step into Serving Others from a place of a Love …. we in turn continue to heal and develop and move towards a deeper healing and love, which results in Self Mastery and Ascension at the point of transition from the density:

In Science this is called Entrainment – mastering the principle of vibration

“Entrainment is the process of making something have the same pattern or rhythm as something else: Brainwave entrainment is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus. Entrainment means synchronization of the beats of music with natural body function or processes.”

We have many different frequencies of vibration available to us … mastering the principle of vibration means that we can set our vibration to the desired frequency at Will & then intentionally emanate this out to others to entrain them to the same frequency we are operating from.

Others must choose to let this frequency & vibration in! It can not be forced upon any other Soul. It is a choice each of us must make, Free Will deems it so.

Who in your life is a source of high frequency & vibration?

The more time & interaction you have with these people the more they will help ‘train’ or harmonise your BEing to this frequency.

The same is said for those of a lower vibration & frequency…. the more time you spend twitch then the more they can also ‘train’ you to their vibratory rate.

Ultimately we all must decide what is more important to us and then choose where we want to be ‘Entrained’ to, the higher or lower realms of reality?

Love & Light