Creativity … in whatever shape or form it is expressed … it our direct link to the Source Field of intelligence.
When the Conscious Mind is kept busy through a creative endeavour … the Unconscious Mind connects to the Universal Source Mind … and infinite intelligence is available to Us.
Are you creative? We all have creative abilities … and often it is just the belief that ‘I won’t be good at it’ that stops people from even trying.
You are made of Creative Energy … you hold within you the potential for a creative explosion of thoughts, feeling and actions to take place…
And all you need to do is Start and the rest will naturally flow through you and from you!
Show me your creative projects … and let’s share the creative energy and help awakened it in others.
Love & Light Star BEings 👽
Meet Spirit Stick … to accompany me on journeys to the Three Worlds 🙏

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