We live in a World of constant communication … and NO not just the spoken word! In fact the spoken word is the least effective way of communication, yet we rely on this method of relaying our messages blindly!!


I’m going to share some examples that I see “really spiritual people’ posting (yes, I’ve air quoted “really spiritual” because people who label themselves as such are hiding behind a shit load of escapism but that is for another post!)


If you are posting stuff like this –


‘I want to be this person for you” “I’d rather be alone than unhappy” “I’m no longer accepting ‘blah blah blah’ in relationships“ “lesson learnt” “I don’t need no man/woman” “


What you are actually saying is this


I lack a relationship … I lack the connection I desire … I DO NOT HAVE WHAT I WANT!


If you are posting stuff like this –


“I’m really sensitive” “my astrological sign is the reason why”

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