Often the most challenging obstacle we have to deal with in this lifetime is our very Own Nature!
Trying to navigate through The contradictory behaviours, the fears that only live in our mind, the thoughts & words we speak not matching the actions we take!
No wonder we are confused as fuck 😳
We are now far too conscious to continue these confusing and contradictory way of existing …. We are too far into our evolution to continue blaming our past, our parents, our education or our society for the Adult choices & behaviours we continue to enact!
At the end of the day … we are the ONLY inhabitants in our body, we are the ONLY one making OUR choices.
It is time to be accountable for our choices or lack of them … and it’s time to place responsibility for changing what needs to be changed back where it belongs … on our own shoulders!
The grace of endurance is available to each of us … it has always been available and will continue to always be available!
Endurance is the capability to withstand the wears and tears as we move through difficult & unpleasant experiences…
You must remember & trust in the truth that all troubles eventually and inevitably pass us by 🙏
How we move through troubled waters is unimportant … what matters is the getting yourself out of those waters
You are the eternal woven into matter … always remember this Star BEing 👽🙏

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