Elixirs –


Mother nature medicines have been used since the beginning of our Evolution. There was a time when Mother Earth spoke to us and We heard, we listened and grew alongside our evolving Planet.


Us humans and other species have existed through each stage of the Planets ascension into higher realms of existence … she has been know as many names – Tara – Earth and Now Gaia … and with each ascension up into the higher waves of refined energies she has offered us so much more. She goes first and then leads all of her children to where she now is.


The problem is Us Human fell asleep, and the lower into the densities we fell … the more we forgot … the more we operated from the left side of our brains, the more logic and reason took over and the more rigid we became in our beliefs.


The Whispers of the Wild are being heard once again … and our Mothers Medicine is now coming back to her peoples … the rest of her children – animals & plants never forgot her!


We rely so heavy on pharmaceuticals to aid us in our healing … yet healing is not what is advertised or acquired! Masking is what we get.


Yet, all pharmaceuticals are derived from mother Nature and the plant world she abundantly gives us. The powerful healing properties are stripped from the plants and synthetic copiers are made … which are injected into the little pills we consume like candy! There is no healing benefit found in these little pills of lies and treachery, there is only dependence and control contained within them!


I spent years masking my ailments and always wondering why it never goes away …. Once my mind began to open and I allowed new ways to move through me … I constantly found myself in the very experience that would offer me the healing I required. No masking … just learning, gaining knowledge, using that knowledge and consuming all that I had learnt and cultivated.

And Healing began to happen … I began remember the gifts of Mother Earth, it feels so familiar to practicing Alchemy … like it’s an old companion one would never truly forget how it’s done – much like riding a bike once you know, you know!


I have been consistently consuming all the products available in the Apothecary for the past 6 months and I cannot truly describe the incredible difference all these products have made to my Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies … bringing them all into alignment as I walk my own Ascension Path. They are ally’s that walk beside and I journey deeper into the Unknown!


Not all are called to the Alchemical Path … but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the healing benefits The Alchemist can bring!


Alchemy is turning ‘Led into Gold’ or one form into another form. I bring my Gifts of Higher Consciousness into my Alchemical workings … meaning that each blend whether it be an Elixir, Lotion, Tonic, Talismans, crystal work etc. – extensive research has gone into the processes happening in the Mind & Body and the unique properties of herbs, plants, crystals, colors, energies, synergy, ailment and desired healing!


I combine my lifetimes of Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom into each and everything I bring into creation. I practice alchemy on levels of existence – Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit. I do this through the guidance from within … where my entire network of Star Peoples is helping me to help you.


In order to receive Help, we must recognize that we need help. Which we all do, you are not alone in needing help.


Here’s a quick run (cos I haven’t talked your ears off for long enough already haha)


Elixirs – medicinal herbs, roots and plant properties extracted over a period of time using 37% (or Higher) Alcohol – vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy. They are used to treat a variety of Mind Body distortions, Dis-Ease & mental-health conditions. For every distortion there will be an Elixir that can ease and heal your symptoms.


Lotions and balms – medicinal herbs and plants that have been infused with oils over 3-5 days. These oils which now hold the plant medicine are missed with beeswax to form the lotion/balms. When applied to the skin the plant medicine will work from the outside in, easing bone, joint and muscle ailments. Lotions are also used as a beauty product and are fantastic as a base for makeup. The flowers and herbs used will not only assist in healing but also promotes longevity.


Ointment – combinations of plant medicines are blended to help the wearer achieve higher states of consciousness, so can be used for meditation., astral travel, lucid dreaming and connecting with the spirit realm are just some of the benefits that can be achieved through working with the plant world in this way.


I will always do my best to give as much detail as I can regarding the ingredients of each product in the apothecary, because the more you know about what you’re working with, the more power the potions hold. Your awareness is a key activator in your healing, where there is no awareness there is limited healing.


Check out the products I’ve created in Mindhive apothecary, they are to help assist you on your journey into higher consciousness.

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