As we journey through the different layers of consciousness … we are asked to let go … to forgive … to move on … Yet, this is something so many of us struggle to do … and there was a time I struggled to do this also.
Our resistance to letting go stems from a place of fear … at its deepest levels … all resistance is birthed from fear! This fear has many faces in which is expresses and shows itself to us and it can often disguise itself as something that it is not … meaning we don’t see – recognize – acknowledge … that it is fear driving our resistance.
Why do we have this resistance? Why is it so hard to let the past remain in the past? Why do we insist on tethering ourselves to who and what came before! We are locked in to a loop that we cannot see but one we repeatedly experience.
*I just had an image flood my mind as I wrote the sentence above … and I feel called to share this image …
We experience time as linear. It is a straight line for us ———————————
In the middle of this line is where each of us physically stand – in the NOW MOMENT
Behind us is the past X———————-
In front of us is the future ———————-X
We have three different points of existence in our perceived reality here in 3D
Stay with me …. We are going somewhere with this … I am being compelled to get this image into your BEingness (truthbumps as I wrote part) …
We are always in the NOW moment … the physical part of us can only ever remain in the NOW … but, the other parts of us are unbound by the restrictions placed upon the physical vessel – The Body.
So, as we, in our physical form stand within the NOW moment … the other aspects that make up the whole – our mental & emotional bodies – are travelling along the linear timeline that we have all agreed to collectively …
We journey back to the past using our mental and emotional bodies … we energetically gather ‘evidence’ from our past experiences and bring this evidence back – the thoughts, feelings and actions of what has happened in the past back – into our NOW MOMENT … and then we send that evidence that we energetically collected from the past and we project that out into the future moment
And we repeatedly do this … the whole world around us helps us to do this … we know this as conditioning and programming!
Now, trace your eyes along the timeline I created below … this is the constant pathway you perpetually take unconsciously … now we will make this consciously known to you through rapid eye movement.
start at the center cross … move the past … then to the center (NOW MOMENT) … and out the future … back to NOW … back to the past … to NOW … to future … and repeat for a few moments …
Did your eyes go in a straight line? Did your eyes ache or strain after a while?
-Humans like straight lines because of one fundamental property … the shortest distance between two points is a straight line … YET, straight lines are not a natural occurrence.
Mother Earth produces irregularities in everything … even if things appear to be straight … if you zoom in close enough you will see that there are minute abnormalities in everything … they just appear to be straight.
So naturally your line of sight will not be moving in a straight line … you are just perceiving it to be straight … we in fact see the World upside down and the optic nerve within the eyes flips the image on the retina and projects it the right way up for us.
Now we know straight lines do not exist from any natural occurrence … we can begin to move closer to the idea that time is only held in it’s linear form because that is what the Collective has agreed too *I will expand on this subject in another post*
Now, make the same movements with your eyes from NOW – PAST – NOW – FUTURE – NOW – PAST … and allow your eyes to move in the flow of the INFINITY sign … do this NOW.
Didn’t that feel better? … the eye strain disappears and the eyes movements feel fluid and natural… this because you are moving with the natural curves found in all things.
Why the fuck am I sharing with this you … I seem to have gone right of on a tangent (I curved away from the point for just a moment) …
What does the Infinity sign represent?? It signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity.
The infinity symbol creates a never-ending loop … no beginning or end … just an endless flow. Which is what we want when it comes to peace and love and unity.
YET, it is not possible to achieve those things whilst you are still travelling through linear time in the cycle we have been for eons of time. We have locked ourselves into the a cycle of a past experience being recycled into a future experience just by the very nature of the back and forward movements we make – the infinity symbol – it locks us into this way of experiencing life … ”I know what’s going to happen by what has come before”
Can you recognize where you are doing this? Can you resonate with what has been shared?
That image came on so strong … and I’ve never been impressed with that specific image before … and I work with and on peoples timelines a lot … but it make completes sense now that I’ve see it … a glowing infinity sign along peoples personal timelines … locking them in just by the very nature of the movements being made by each soul … and on a collective scale as a collective soul group – because that is what we truly are!
Now back to the post itself … why do we struggle to let go _ we now know why on an energetic level … the infinity sign we have made along our timelines has locked us into a perpetual cycle – but why else? …
And the answer is simple … yet hard to grasps.
Our history is our identity … as a collective and as an individual.
We know who we are from what has been before … we feel comfortable within the labels we have all placed on the World around us … we know who, what and how things are and things should be because we are always looking back to see what has been done before … and bringing that label … that identity into the NOW moment and with the same identity placed upon an experience in your now and future moments, you also wrap the same limitations around it.
Identity is part of human life … we are given a gender … a name … a profession … a relationship status … a position … a rank
And we’ve learnt a lot and evolved greatly through this process of labelling things … it was an essential part of our evolutionary process … but it is only meant to be a ‘part ‘of the process. Like with most things … humans love to go the extremes and identification has reached the extreme side of the scale.
Identity instantly limits … placing a label on something places that ‘something’ inside a container … where it is now confined by and within the definitions of the label you have used. It can’t be any more or any less than the container it is now held within.
Does this make sense? Can you think of all the things you have placed a label/identity on?
For example, the color blue can only ever be the color blue – it can have varying degrees in shade and tone, yet it can never be anything more or less than blue … and collectively we have agreed to this … but there are things that contradict this collective agreement – do you remember the image of the dress that some people saw blue and others saw another color. This is a prime example of the collective clashing over a label or identity that the collective had previously agreed too … and the truth is that the item was both the colors that were seen … it was not one or the other, it held both colors depending on your personal perception of what you saw.
We didn’t know before that doing this would set us, as a ‘Collective’, on a course of destruction, chaos and oppression. We just did what everyone else was doing … and that is all we were capable of back then. Thankfully we are each here now … in the time of The Great Awakening when we are now ready to become more than we ever were before … individually & collectively.
In order to do this, we must RE-KNOW what has come before … it’s not about forgetting … forgetting would also mean we forget the soul lessons we learnt through those experiences. We needed the soul lessons … we asked for them … and at a soul level we are grateful for them. Now, it is time for your conscious self to know these experiences through the eyes of your soul.
So rather than forget about what has happened in your past … we are going to Re-Know what has happened … by taking it out the container you had previously placed it in, whether on a collective level or individual level.
Re-knowing something means that you see it beyond what you had previously identified it … it isn’t erasing it from your memory banks … it’s about lifting the memory out of the container it has been held within and raising it into a higher place that doesn’t rely on containers or identity to know itself or its experiences.
So how do we Re-Know our history?? We have to see it in a new way … a different way. We have to look for something different to what we normally look for.
We normally look for the behaviors that were exhibited and then attach our own feelings about those behaviors.
When we can look beyond the behavior … we can expand our view to see a deeper … or a higher way of knowing this …
What does a higher way look like … the highest perspective we can hold is this – EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO BE
This doesn’t mean we don’t see, feel and experience the choices that were made by those who are part of our history … it doesn’t mean we agree with them … it is not a justification of what they did or said … it is about seeing the inherent truth held at the very core of that BEING.
Either everything is part of the divine or nothing is … either everyone is a spiritual being having a human experience or no one is.
Those who display attributes that aligned with the lower consciousness … are spiritual beings who have rejected, through their ignorance, their innate nature.
And they have the right to do so … just as you have the right to Be just as you are.
This is a challenging one to grasp … to hold onto and to maintain … and there stepping stones that one can take to move them closer to this inherent truth … but if you can grasp this one and work with this higher truth all lower perspectives held by the small self will fall away … the more you view the world through the eyes of the divine … and see it all as the divine, playing out its right to be and experience … you will ascend beyond the need to learn through fear and you can begin to learn through love.
This was a long ass post …. And if you’ve stayed with me this whole time … I commend you! It means you are ready to embody this level of consciousness.
Always in Love & Light Star Beings

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