As you shed the old in favor for the new … as you begin vibrating at a different frequency than before … you can experience a myriad of different experiences … one of these experiences is that of memory loss.
Memory loss is something I experienced a lot when I first began shifting paradigms and it’s something that many of my coaching clients move through. At first it can seem to be ‘frightening’ … you can feel like you’re losing your mind … and in a way you are.
What is happening during these times of ‘memory-loss’ is actually a very valuable thing for your growth, even if you don’t understand what is happening … it is only your lack of understanding that creates fear within you … and this is when we can start meddling with the process and blocking the transformation that is attempting to manifest within you.
I hope to help you clear some of your fear regarding any memory loss you may be experiencing by sharing with you what is actually going on during the process.
What is happening is a reframing of identity and culture … and a collective reframing of what Memory is.
What you thought happened is merely an idea – memory is an accumulation of ideas built from your own personal perspective … all memory is just an idea of what you think happened … which over time becomes so distorted by the internal systems that are operating within you and from the external conditioning we are all subjected too.
Memory works in a linear fashion … allowing you to record and recall your experiences – past and future ones – it is a mechanism we use to learn through as we navigate through these third dimensional waves of energy. We use memory to learn what to do or not to do … how to do it or not do it … it is a way of assessing the present moment in comparison to previous and future ones.
It is a useful tool to have and use when it is used correctly … and this is not something we have been taught to do.
Our memory has served as a protective sleeve … something we use as the guardian to our experiences … and its currently being operated through and from the emotional part of the self which only serves to muddy the waters of our memory.
We use the ‘old’ to inform us on what to do now … and more often than not the old that informs us is doing so from a fearful place … from a place of protection … so that we don’t re-experience pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal etc. …
because these are the thing we remember most about our experiences … the highly charged emotional events in our lives stick to our internal structures like tar when they are not recognized or worked through … this ‘tar’ then infects the rest of the systems … informing it of the pain, hurt, disappointments … so now all systems are on alert and the BEing that you are begins to operate from a place of flight of fight and constantly on high alert.
Your memory is a tool that allows you to learn … what you hold within the structure of memory is purely an idea of what you think happened … no memory is ever 100% accurate because we are NOT consciously aware of all the data available in any one experience. You are not capable of knowing all stimuli around you whilst in physical form … the mind body system would implode if you were to know, it is not designed to be aware of all … it is designed to be aware of what is important to the BEing housed within the body.
This little piece of information allowed me to let go of my most painful memories … because I know they cannot be 100% how I remembered them to be … so why waste all of my energy trying to prove that it did happen the way I think it did … it became less important to be right and more important to be in alignment with a higher perspective on my life.
Once you start questioning memory … not allowing it to inform your actions in the moment you stand in something rather strange & peculiar begins to happen.
The memories begin to fade away … no longer accessible to your conscious mind … even when you try to look for them, they are so blurred and distorted that the effort to pull details from them is too much …
memories start to fall away … its not like they are deleted because nothing is ever truly deleted … things are just given less importance …. and therefore, we don’t give our awareness to them. When we don’t give our awareness to these things we no longer fuel them and we no longer perpetuate them … meaning we no longer experience them.
You are NOT going crazy … but you are losing your mind … your old conditioned mind that always informed you of a fearful world … the mind that told you you need to protect yourself at all costs … This is the mind you want to lose!
Memory loss is simply a symptom of Ascension … it is the transitioning from one field of consciousness into another. It is the new seeking to be born. It is a temporary symptom and occurs because you are aligning to a new idea of yourself and the world around you.
The memories you once depended on so much no longer mean the same and you no longer need to access that information to tell you who you are.
Memory is a tool that allows you to organize your experiences in a linear way -past, present-future. Memory is a tool that allows us to be informed of what was so that if we do not desire what was … we can change it.
When you are stuck in the memory of the old … you will be perpetuating the old and the new will not be able to birthed into your reality. When you let go of what you believe memory is and use it as a compass to direct you along your way … your memory then serves as a reminder of the lessons you have already learnt and the lessons you are currently in the process of learning.
Ascension is a progressive process … and the most productive transformations are always the most uncomfortable one.
Discomfort is a sign that you are indeed doing the inner work necessary to change your own field of consciousness … if you are uncomfortable, you are in growth …
telling yourself anything other will only hold in the transition process … much like being stuck in the birth canal. Trust that was is occurring within and around you is for your Highest Good … and remember highest good doesn’t always mean comfort and getting what you think you want.
I hope this resonates and if you are experiencing memory loss just know it’s a good sign … and you will get used to living from a place of no longer needing past memories to tell you who you are and what you will experience.
Always in love & Light Star BEings

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