We can make decisions left, right & center … and we can change our minds about the decisions we do or do make at any moment. As they are only energetic thought forms and not a physical aspect until action/choice has happened:
Choice only occurs when you take action. Action is carrying out & living the choice you have made to follow through with your decisions.
Once a choice has been made through the action you take … it can not be undone.
If you are only ever making decisions … I’m going to do this … or I won’t do that … I intend to have this down … ect …
those decisions do not exists in the physical realm…. they remain in the 4th dimension as Thought Form. So you may believe yourself to be doing everything you can in this lifetime …. but
…It is only when you choose to do it through taking action that it is anchored into the 3rd Dimension and becomes real. Making it your life experience.
Many people believe they doing everything in their power to move themselves forward … because they have all these decisions being made in their minds … however no action is occurring from these decisions, meaning that no choice has actually been made.
It’s is merely the illusion of having a busy mind that traps people into believing they are doing all they can.
You are not living the experience of your decisions until you make the choice to take action. And once the choice is made there is no undoing it.
Are you making decisions or making choices?

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