Your life changes when you start to witness what you see before you as opportunity … what you see before you is your life … and your life can be your greatest teacher if you allow it to teach you … when you can do this your life experiences become the classroom in which you have chosen to learn through:
What many fail to do is to comprehend how their life is their teacher … ‘this teacher only seems to bring me turmoil and pain’ … your awareness is held on the turmoil and pain … and not on the deeper teachings trying to present itself to you.
When you focus on the turmoil and pain you confirm the turmoil and pain … you agree to it on a energetic level … calling more of the same to you … and never truly experiencing the deeper meaning that is trying to make itself known to you.
Aligning to a higher truth that each life experience you move through is teaching you something about yourself becomes easier when you accept that the trails in life … those cataclysmic events that make your whole reality do a 360’ in what feels like a matter of mere moments … come to you when you are ready to face them … we are never given anything more than we can handle!
Take a look back at your life and witness every time something came along that turned your World upside down … did you survive it? Of course you did. You’re here now.
It may not have been pleasant or graceful … it may have been in fact quite painful and soul destroying at the time … yet here you stand or sit … you handled it … meaning that you moved through it … it did not destroy you as you once thought it would!
It is only your belief that you cannot handle it that prolongs the negative experience of the ‘trail’ you are facing … your belief that you can’t survive this event is what intensifies it and keeps you manifesting at and from that level of fear.
You will hear me speak of Trust a lot … because it truly is your most prized asset as you walk the ascension spiral … Trust is the mechanism that will allow you to navigate through the trails of life … no matter how big or small they may be … with a steady foot on the ground and your consciousness in the heights of divinity.
Trust in the Source of All of Things to provide you with all that you need as you allow the divine to BECOME you.
Trust that you will be provided for does not mean that you always get what you want … it means that you receive that which is in alignment to your highest good … on a soul evolution level.
What you think you want is predicated on what you have been told you should want, desire & Be. What is for highest good may not be having £1000’s in the bank .. it could be the experience of a broken heart … the experience of dealing with grief or a relationship ending and leaving behind a life you thought you would have had with that person.
What is for your highest good could be the experience of having all that you thought you ever wanted and then having it taken away so you could KNOW that those things were never what you wanted as they didn’t deliver the true thing you most desire:
The highest truth is … us as our small self knows very little of what we have come here to experience … the small self plays the guessing game … the following of the collective to know who and what it should be … the soul lessons you have come to evolve through are found in your life experiences … not the 0’s in your bank account … but through the life events that changed you … or attempted to change you and it was only your resistance to those changes seeking to become manifest that have stumped your growth …
Yet … the truth is the ‘trails of life’ will continue to come & provoke you towards change even long after you have aligned to this higher truth that ‘Your life is your teacher and your experiences are the classroom that you have chosen to learn in’ …
It is just your perspective of the trails that change … you no longer see them as a threat … you no longer see them as the enemy … they are no longer battled with or resisted for very long … they are welcomed with open arms because you know what is accompanying this new ‘trail of life’ is growth … no matter what it is you face or what you move through …
All you experience can serve your highest good if you allow yourself to perceive it as an opportunity to move you beyond where you have currently been.
What you move through in your life … no matter how you perceive it will be teaching you something … and the teaching is not what the small self thinks it should be … but rather the teachings will be on an emotional and mental level – forgiveness, love, focus, resilience, letting go, personal power, acceptance, strength, will power, independence, self love, trust, faith, freedom
Anything gained on a physical level … money, a relationship, fame, a following, a child … is merely a bi-product of your alignment and ability to work with the life you have created. Your perception of these things as good or bad is again a bi-product of your alignment and ability to work with the life you are in creation with and a reflection of the values and beliefs that you hold … which are the foundations of your reality.
Trails come to you when are ready to face them … the small self may never feel ready to face these things, because the small self is informed by fear. The divine self as you will call to her … to him … all that is required to release that which is no longer required and to integrate that which is ready to be realized.
Trust that the divine as you … has got your back in all things!

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