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Shadow-Self Integration

Shadow-Self Integration Tool

Learn to Love your Shadow & Your Shadow will love you back
-Science Spirit Soul School-

You and Your Shadow – I’ts time to meet and become One
Your shadow is that shadier side of you. The one that thinks, feels and acts in a less than desirable way at times. Worry not for we all have a shadow, we have just be taught to hide those parts of us, to try our best to ignore & deny it exists!

But denial & Ignorance to these parts of who we are is causing seperation, Inner conflict & Pain and a whole range of other unwanted emotions.

This ‘Shadow-Self Integration’ Tool will walk you through a 3 step Process that will be allow those Shadow parts to be seen, to be heard and to be integrated with Comfort & Ease … without falling into the rabbit hole of what these aspects represent.

There is no need for Story Telling, Character playing or Justifying these parts of You. This is common mistake most make when attempting Shadow work. The story, reason or justifications behind the Shadow Aspect are unimportant, and are actaully what keep you trapped in the character role or outright denial of Your Shadow.

NLP is a content free healing modality and I am sharing with you one of many tools at my disposal to show you that Shadow work is not always are dark as it seems.

all you have to do is Follow the directions I give you and find a comfortable place where you distraction free for 3-50 mins.

Are you ready to integrate the shadow into the Light?

Then let us begin ….

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